Apr 30 2014

Asif Iqbal: Calling for a New Marlborough Ward

asif_iqbalI was shocked when I visited local businesses a few weeks ago, in Station Road where there are some flats above shops. One business owner showed me the alleyway to the back of the shop where there were a huge mountain of rubbish disposed from flats above the shops above. The business owner complained to the Council and no action was taken to remove such disposals, nor did the tenants living in the flats taken responsibility to ensure any rubbish are appropriately disposed. I am pleased to report that the matter is now resolved. It is important for all of us to take care of our environment, and to encourage all including residents and business owners, to take responsibility to ensure we are keeping Harrow safer, cleaner and tidy.

Regarding debate over free car parking, Conservative and Independent Labour supports 20 minutes free parking which is currently in force. Following several concerns from residents and local business on the impact of limited car parking has to their local area. I am keen to hear from Marlborough residents and the public’s views on what is best for them – which of the following options be adopted for the whole of Harrow area:

  • To continue with the 20 minutes free parking (currently in force)
  • 30 minutes – as proposed by Councillor James Bond, an Independent candidate
  • 45 minutes free parking
  • One hour free parking

It is essential that residents, local businesses and voluntary/ community organisations have a say on what is important for their local community living and working in Harrow. I am keen to hear more about issues and suggestions of how those issues can be addressed. I am also calling for a Marlborough Forum to be set up on regular basis, for local residents, businesses and community groups/ voluntary organisations to share their ‘Independent Views’, providing them with a platform on local issues. This would in turn, enable us to work together and move things forward, improving the quality of living and working in Harrow.

It is time to call for a ‘New Marlborough Ward’, a Time for Change with modern politic, accountability and  transparency. Out with the old politics and in with the new Independent Views. It is Your Views that counts.

To learn more about me, please see my website on www.asif-iqbal.co.uk

Asif Iqbal MBE
Independent Candidate for Marlborough Ward

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