Mar 20 2014

Asif Iqbal MBE to stand as Independent Candidate at Marlborough Ward

asif_iqbal2014 Local Election Press Release from Asif Iqbal

I’m delighted to announce that I will be standing as an Independent Candidate and to represent the Marlborough Ward as a local Councillor for an upcoming local election in May 2014.

I’m keen to represent local communities in Harrow, and am an active in influencing people and stakeholders to make the local area a better place to live, work and to support the local communities. I want to hear from you, ensuring you have a say in what you want to see achieved for the Harrow area.

My Pledges to you:

  • I have a wealth of experience in both the public and voluntary sector, dealing with all ages from all walks of life and will support you on local issues.
  • I believe in collating your local views including independent opinions, your ideas of what works well and the areas of improvements.
  • Working with you with respect and an open mind, representing the views of Marlborough residents and businesses to achieve the best outcomes for all.
  • I welcome any questions and discussions on different local issues that you are concerned about. I also encourage local participation via face-to-face, phone, SMS or by email, so please make your views count.
  • I’m standing as Independent Candidate Councillor, providing your voices as ‘Independent’ views.

I’m Hardworking, Passionate, Inspiring and Empowering – An Independent Choice. Elect me as your local Councillor for the Marlborough Ward.

To learn more about my profile on the website: www.asif-iqbal.co.uk

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  1. John Clement

    Not my ward, but we need more independenst, because over many generations Conservative, Labour & Liberal have proved that they only reppresent themselves. A vote for Labour is particuularly a vote for pocket lining at the expense of the community.

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