May 01 2014

David Says: Yet More Electioneering Waffle from the Tories

2014_david_perryYet More Electioneering Waffle from the Tories

In order to put the record straight as soon as possible, let me categorically state that the neighbourhood championing scheme WILL NOT BE SCRAPPED if Labour are elected in the Council elections, despite Susan Hall’s absolutely ridiculous press release claimed yesterday. This is political negative misinformation at its most blatant.

Susan Hall and the Conservatives have not even bothered to seek all the details we are proposing for the scheme whereas Labour see the potential it has if it were broadened.

This short and sweet message is clear; Susan Hall and the Tories are talking ‘yet more electioneering waffle’.

I want to have a positive debate on the future of the Borough, and yet 3 weeks away from the elections and the people of Harrow have yet to see the Conservative Party Manifesto, whereas my Party launched our 5 key pledges months ago and our full manifesto weeks ago now.

Let that positive debate begin……Please.


Cllr. David Perry
Leader of the Labour Group
Harrow Council

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  1. garth

    what more could we expect dave from susan when any questions put to her requireing concrete proof or cogent answers all we get is attacks and no answers at all this is straight from the hand book of saul alinski of which susan and her tory chums live by well done sir keep on your toes people like hall are dangerous.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Relieved to hear from Cllr Perry that this superb initiative will remain and even be extended post-elections.Viva the Neighbourhood Champs!

  3. Timeforchange

    Electioneering Waffle from the Tories! What about the inaccuracies in your election leaflets which have been detailed on here in previous posts? Pleased to learn however that should you get in you will be continuing with Susan’s good work with neighbourhood champs

  4. Susan Hall

    David, I really don’t know where to start. Your manifesto says Neighbourhood Champions will be ‘replaced’ with your alternative. ‘Replaced’ of course meaning ‘take the place of something else’ – meaning the original thing isn’t there anymore. Now you say you’re not replacing Neighbourhood Champions, you’re planning to have the scheme ‘broadened’. That sounds rather like you’re planning to change it just enough to allow you to change the name and claim it for yourselves, mind you.

    But why should any residents, particularly existing Neighbourhood Champions, believe that Labour have the best interests of the scheme at heart at all? You neglected it for 3 years – the numbers plummeted. You tried to cut the extra funding we put into the scheme just two months ago during the budget process. And if you want to talk about ‘negative misinformation’, let’s talk about how Labour claimed in public that money was for leaflets, when you knew full well it was for support staff, recruitment and promotional activities, and paying for training and IT support. In essence, the extra funding was to fix the damage Labour had done to the scheme and to help get the numbers up again.

    As for manifestos, we will release ours in our own time. Again though, we come back to why should residents believe Labour’s manifesto at all? In 2010 you said you would bring in free parking, but did nothing. You said you didn’t like outsourcing, and you outsourced the Council’s IT with disastrous results. And of course you personally oversaw the privatisation of Harrow’s ‘precious’ library service – which the manifesto promised multiple times you wouldn’t do. So perhaps the comforting thing for residents and Neighbourhood Champions isn’t the assurance to protect the scheme you’ve just given, but that the ideas and promises in Labour’s manifestos are so rarely worth the paper they’re printed on.

  5. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    When I was running for election in 2009/2010 for the Labour Party the policy was “We don’t want anything to do with Neighbourhood Champions”. When I asked why, I was told, “Because it was Susan Hall’s idea.” Once we’d won I was told “Neighbourhood Champions is brilliant and we will continue it.” Who knows what goes on in the Harrow Labour Group mindset…!!

  6. sonoo malkani

    PLEASE everybody!HANDS OFF NEIGHBOURHOOD CHAMPIONS!!Wake up and appreciate what a GOLDEN EGG it is.For once,forget who gets credit for it and put the well-being of our whole community at the forefront.Be a loyal citizen and vote for this with your feet!

    STOP these childish pranks of playing party politics with our safety and peace of mind.It is downright irresponsible and unforgiveable.

    Please LEAVE US ALONE to get on with the job in hand and help us achieve the laudable goal of making Harrow the safest borough in London,with a fully committed Borough Commander and Council support.

    Thank you,in anticipation, for your co-operation and loyalty as decent,upright Harrovians.

  7. Concerned Harrovian

    I agree. Stop being a moaning Minnie Garth and do something altruistic. The Neighbourhood Champion scheme is a good idea and well supported by Harrow residents. Many Harrow firemen are champions for their street. However, if you do sign up as a champion for your street could enrol on a course beforehand to learn charm and good manners and how to refrain from abusing women.

  8. Concerned Harrovian


    At last a politician with principles. I agree if it is a good idea it is best to adopt it never mind who originally suggested the idea. Wish there were more independent thinkers among the councillors and less sheep who just toe the party line.

    Guess that is why you left the Labour party.

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