May 07 2014

Harrow Conservatives 2014 Election Manifesto

susan_hall_leaderDear resident,

I want to share with you our Conservative vision to make Harrow Cleaner, Safer and Fairer.

After over 3 years in opposition, the Conservatives took over Harrow Council, on September 16th 2013, forming Harrow’s third administration in less than 6 months. We sought to end—for the good of Harrow’s residents—the instability and uncertainty caused by an extremely acrimonious split within the then-ruling Labour Group.

(That acrimony continues: 47 Independent Labour Group candidates are contesting Harrow’s local elections on May 22nd against 62 Labour candidates—following Labour’s suspending one of their candidates last week when details emerged of his conviction of benefit fraud against Harrow Council.)

Our vision last September was to make Harrow Cleaner, Safer and Fairer—because that vision reflects residents’ needs and priorities—and that vision remains central to all that we’re doing.

In just 7 months we’ve reinvigorated the Council with our vision. We’ve already done a great deal: key initiatives (like Neighbourhood Champions and Weeks of Action) have been revitalised, whilst Labour’s cuts in public realm services have been reversed and bold new projects (including tackling Beds in Sheds and rebuilding our council estates) have been introduced.


Despite inheriting a 2-year budget with a £5 million funding gap, we scrapped Labour’s plans for a second 2% council tax increase in 2 years—freezing our residents’ bills; we found £500,000 extra to keep Harrow clean and over £1 million to help our vulnerable residents.

And, following in the tax-cutting footsteps of the Conservative flagship boroughs of Wandsworth and Hammersmith & Fulham, we’ve also begun to reduce the Council’s debts so as to reduce interest payments and, therefore, council tax bills.

Our Cleaner, Safer, Fairer Manifesto sets our some of our achievements since September—and how we’ll build upon them if re-elected. We’ve already promised to freeze or cut Harrow’s council tax during the next administration—and we’ll do this whilst protecting the front line services that residents tell us they care about.

A Conservative win in Harrow on May 22nd will ensure that this work continues. Voting for Labour means higher council tax, a return to cuts to street-cleaning and parks, rising crime and their indecisiveness, dithering and poor decision-making that favours a few special interests at the expense of all Harrow residents.

So, for a Cleaner, Safer and Fairer future for Harrow, I hope you’ll consider voting Conservative on 22nd May.

Clr Susan Hall
Leader of the Council


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  1. MysticMeg

    For the first time in 35 years, I am not going to vote. Harrow is a slum and no one can do anything about it now – The decline started long ago and now it doesn’t matter which party wins, because they have all contributed to the demise of this once very lovely Borough. Frankly, none of them deserve my vote.

  2. anon

    No way.
    I have never felt more let down than in the last 6 months and until you mentioned the conservatives took power over Harrow in Sept I may not have made that connection. For that I tha k you

  3. mike mcfadden

    Mystic Meg you should be able to see the good clear future Harrow as under Susan. Like all politicians they are afraid to speak the truth but Harrow has become such a slum and almost at rock-bottom. So the only way is up. Harrow as to be rebuilt on solid ground of work ethic and no benefits unless they have been in borough 15/20 years. The same for all, so the E.U can’t get up set. If you want to migrate to Harrow you must work and support yourself. Not live off the back of tax-payer’s and you must prove you have no other home no matter where if you want housing! No NHS tourism, All those wanting to use free services in this borough MUST be able to prove they are eligible first.

  4. MysticMeg

    Mike McFadden. I agree in principle. However, I am minded of all the social housing that went up in Harrow under Labour attracting many to our borough. To change Harrow now would be nigh on impossible irrespective of who takes charge. Labour in my view were morally bankrupt and feathered their own nest. The Conservatives whilst showing willing have made little change to bring employment to the area and clean up the slums in Harrow. In fact they keep nodding through even more development whilst ensuring we have plenty more social housing to keep inviting more people in from outside the Borough. So , who does that leave us with ? No one with a track record. We took the overspill from Brent and even housed a certain terrorist at tax payers cost in Stanmore. We almost need a people’s republic to turn Harrow around. I am in despair.

  5. sonoo malkani

    Certainly we have made rapid strides in the past few months.It’s such a joy to have a cleaner and safer borough again.Long may that continue!

    WORK IS WORSHIP.Promoting the work ethic is one that will lead us out of the mess we are in.Paid jobs may not always be available but many can improve their skills and chances of employment by volunteering.This will reflect well when they seek paid work and also help build self-esteem.They can make valuable contributions in the community in which they live and work while looking for a job.Many have achieved this and loved the experience.

    Benefits should only go to GENUINELY deserving candidates who are truly eligible.Vulnerable categories must be given a fair hearing and help —not just money—given ,which will assist them turn their lives around.

    Entrepreneurs bring prosperity.Schemes to support such enterprises should be publicised and given the help to thrive.Our borough boasts many economically successful ethnic communities who should be encouraged to step forward and do their bit to spread this knowledge and wealth to their counter-parts.

    Our country is, thankfully, making a slow but steady recovery.We must do all we can to help sustain the momentum.You can see for yourselves how many are flocking to invest in the UK, in one way or another.It’s early days but most encouraging thus far.Let’s not rock the boat!

    A freeze on our Council,tax for this year is one we all appreciate greatly,especially having made so many sacrifices to get us out of the terrible economic mess we found ourselves in four years back.

    Harrow needs to rebuild and recover its former glory.Let us ensure we make it happen on May 22.

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