Apr 28 2014

Harrow Labour. Airbrushed from the Internet?

labour_roseWhat, you might say? What?

You heard correctly. The website www.harrowlabour.org – as still being bandied about by @harrowlabour on their twitter feed – has been airbrushed away. If you go to that site now, you end up at Gareth Thomas’ website, www.gareththomas.org.

Who’s to blame? Bill Phillips, the man behind Harrow’s disastrous IT systems? Possible: if we look at the configuration, we can see Bill’s fingerprints all over it. For starters (and we’re going technical), the MX record points to mail.pinn.co.uk, which is registered to a certain Bill Phillips. If you happen to go to www.pinn.co.uk, you end up at a blog called ‘headstonenorth.blogspot.co.uk‘ – which seems acceptable, given that our Bill is standing in Headstone North this time around, having left the lovely Sue Anderson to fight for Greenhill, along with Keith Ferry (ex-Wealdstone) and new boy, Ghazanfar Ali.

We’ve got a query in with the Labour Group Leader, David Perry, and his screwdriver-wielding sidekick, Bill Phillips, to see who broke what.


Thanks to B for the tip off.

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