Apr 23 2014

Harrow Labour Group – 2014 Election Manifesto

labour_roseHarrow Labour Group have published their manifesto for the 2014 elections next month, indicating what they’d hope to try and do over the next four years if elected. They say:

We are proud of Harrow with its vibrant and diverse communities but levels of inequality exist.

The £75 million recklessly slashed from Harrow by the Conservative Government, at the same time as demand for our services is rising, has hit residents hard. 

We believe that it is fundamentally right that we ensure that the Council‟s priorities are underpinned by fairness for all in these tough economic times.

We have spoken and listened to the people of Harrow before publishing this manifesto. It is important that we continue to work together with the community to improve the quality of life for all our residents, our families and our young people.

If we win the local Council elections in May 2014 we give a commitment to you all: we will help families with the „Cost of Living Crisis‟ and stand up for Harrow, its businesses and residents.

We will use our position within Harrow to support the creation of jobs and apprenticeships, and to support our young people into work. To deal with our housing crisis we will build more affordable homes and tackle rogue landlords. To support local businesses we will provide a period of free parking in our District Shopping Centres. To help clean up Harrow we will introduce on the spot fines for littering in our streets.

We will give our absolute commitment to focus all our efforts on tackling the disparities that exist, in particular, in terms of economic achievement, child poverty, health and well being. We will stand up for those in need by targeting more support towards carers and tackling the increase in domestic violence across our Borough.

We will change the way we deliver our services – critically evaluating everything we do and finding new, innovative solutions with our partners. We will take a leadership role in ensuring key public sector organisations, residents, businesses, community and voluntary groups in the borough work together for the benefit of the residents. Crucially we will work with our valued voluntary sector and seek to empower and inspire local people to build upon the many assets that exist at the heart of all our communities.

Harrow Labour Group serving our residents with openness, honesty and pride.

[warning]If the other groups or independents in Harrow would like to forward their own manifesto or election literature to info@iharrow.com, we’ll feature those in the same way here.[/warning]

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Ha ha ha Labour serving our residents. labour have only ever served themselves. Creating apprenticeships it was Labour that abolished them in the first place saying they were nothing more then slave labour. Further, we do not have a housing crisis we have an over population crisis of Eastern European’ s coming for free housing and the rest. Harrow must STOP attracting the wrong sort of people. ie Those looking for welfare and those that should not be here. “Beds in shed” Failed asylum seekers, allegedly “lost” children. Whatever next!!!

  2. Harry Harrow

    Do Labour really think we believe this rubbish. They have made Harrow a slum for immigrants. They put the whole country in debt and still do not even admit to it. Open immigration has failed the British people, just go to Harrow Town Centre and have a look. I have latent TB as Harrow is the worst place in Europe for this but that’s not Labour or Tony Blairs fault, oh actually it is. Labour took us to war on a blatant lie, they should never be believed or voted for again, never ever!!

    1. mike mcfadden

      Harry sorry to hear of your illness and yes many of Harrows misguided unfair and in my view blatant hostility towards the decent hard working home owning tax-paying residents as been clear to see in many parts of London. “white flight” During Nu-Labours anti home ownership council employee seem to have followed a policy of not being entirely truthful and this in my view has lead to the borough’s poor standing and increased slum status. Over crowding, poverty, poor health and the unintended consequences has also been spread of decease.

      Worst of all the lies just make it worse. I am a firm believer if you’re prepared to face the facts they can be dealt with. Putting your head in the sand and offensive name calling usually follow by violence is the way of the loony-left politics and cannot continue. It’s like going back to the bully-boy tactics of the 1970’s. We need a new political lead and the old Lib/Lab/Con just don’t get it.

  3. Harry Harrow

    They forgot to mention that they want to build numerous tower blocks in central Harrow. Where and when has this ever worked? They just want the council tax income to spent and then return to their lovely out of the borough homes. Wake up people, Harrow has been ruined and they want to make it worse! Think before you vote!

  4. garth

    people of all political persuasions wake up its all f aux opposition listen this sums them all up democracy is nothing but mob rule where 51 percent of the people take away the rights of 49 percent of the people.And lets not forget the very word government means mind control check out the etymology kubrinari and gubrinari mean control from the greek and latin and mente means mind so please dont ever think you can thrash around in politics and make any real changes whatsoever their two cheeks on the same arse my Friends.

  5. PraxisReform

    Just for the record, all Labour’s claims to support working people are bunk.

    Anyone following my ramblings will know that I wrote to Toerag McNulty about an employer that was defrauding their staff by not paying them. – *No response*

    More recently, I wrote to the latest Labour parliamentary hopeful, asking what she would do if elected. Again *No response*

    At least the domain sackuma.com is still available to buy.

  6. PraxisReform

    We must also keep in mind that Labour are also the Party of 42 day detention without trial, as well as mandatory ID cards.

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