Apr 28 2014

Harrow Labour Suspends Canons Candidate Yogalingam Dyanamby

labour_roseFollowing the shock revelation late last week, when iharrow.com discovered that one of Harrow Labour’s candidates for the 2014 election was a convicted criminal, the party has today announced it will suspend Yogalingam Dyanamby, It seems that Mr Dyanamby hadn’t disclosed his conviction to the party’s selection committee.

A Labour Party London Region spokeman said: “Following a meeting between David Perry, the Leader of Harrow Labour Group, Senior Party Officers and Yogalingam Dayanamby earlier today the Labour Party have taken immediate action to suspend Yogalingam Dayanamby from representing the Party. The Labour Party expects all its candidates to meet the highest standards and will continue take action where appropriate when information to the contrary comes to light.”

Conservative Leader, Cllr Susan Hall said: “Since 2010, residents in two different wards in Harrow have suffered the embarrassment of seeing their Labour councillors receive cautions and criminal convictions for the possession of indecent images of children and fraud, so at least there can be a degree of relief that this was discovered before the election.”

A question to the Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr David Perry, asking how many other candidates had a criminal record, has gone unanswered.



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  1. John Clement

    I’ve had a terrible shock. I have just found out that some Labour politicians aren’t criminals.

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley


  2. Concerned Harrowian

    This man’s criminal history was exposed by iharrow.com. I ask once more how is the Labour party’s vetting and selection of candidates set up. From the comments above it would seem to be that proven liars are expected to confess their crimes when interviewed. OMG! The man is a criminal, a liar and his crime involved deception!

    Given that candidates are often in positions of power when it comes to spending council taxpayers hard earned money shouldn’t there be criminal record checks by the police. Harrow has already had two councillors with criminal convictions:: David Gawn (fraud) and Brian Gate (downloading child pornography). See the website liars, buggers and thieves. How many more Harrow councillors will be listed on that website?

    I suppose the question at the selection (if it was asked at all) went along the lines of “tell me have you been a naughty person?” to which the reply could be “No! I do however have a wealth of experience to offer about welfare and benefits”

    LOL Keep up the good work iharrow,com.

  3. promissor

    I wonder if the ballot paper will still say “Labour Party Candidate”

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