Apr 25 2014

Harrow Labour’s Candidate in Canons – A Chequered Past?

Seen in Harrow Labour Group’s manifesto for the 2014 Local Elections:


Seen in the Harrow Times from June 26, 2007:


The irony of what appears to be two people, with the same name, one of which is standing as a councillor candidate in Canons, and the other which was convicted of defrauding the council, hasn’t gone unobserved.

Harrow’s Labour Group have been invited, and given almost 24 hours to provide a statement on this curious turn of events, their Group Leader, David Perry, has been “too busy juggling several full time jobs.”

Updated at 13.25 on 25.04.2014: Cllr David Perry has provided this quote: “This information that has been brought to light by local media [he means iharrow.com] was bought to my attention on Thursday evening. I have taken immediate action to meet as soon as possible with the candidate to investigate these claims. Any action we take will decisive and in the best interests of the residents of Harrow.”

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    we all know there!s lots fraudsters on benefits
    takes lot of time to catch them and get them to court.
    but most have second properties and busineses yet the courts rarely claim the money back
    the case above 3 months curfew doesnt pay back the benefits
    sat night tv programme; man claimed £80.000 benfits over period 10 yrs, had 2nd property left from his fathers death£300.000 and renting it out for 8 yrs court said 1 year in jail no mention of him paying money back (from selling the house) WHO SAID CRIME DOESNT PAY

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Amazing! If this candidate is indeed a fraudster what does it say about Labour’s candidate vetting and selection process. Imagine what he would do with all that Council tax money residents have dutifully paid. Thanks are due to iharrow.com for bringing this to the attention of the public.

    If you look on the website Liars, buggers and thieves you will find a couple of Harrow councillors are listed: David Gawn (fraud) and Brian Gate (downloading child pornography) whilst in charge of Harrow’s children’s services.

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