Apr 28 2014

Harrow Liberal Democrats. Who?

libdems_logoWe’ve been trying to track down the Harrow Liberal Democrats recently. They’re fielding 26 candidates in the 2014 elections, and we’ve not seen much from them. So, a quick Google search was in order.

However, all we can find is http://www.harrow.libdems.org/ which seems right, only it’s two years out of date (see below). Looking at their ‘about us’ page shows a Chair who left two years ago. It’s a bit short on contact details as well.

It’s a shame – the Harrow Weald Libdems are very good are taking photos of themselves next to random piles of dumped rubbish, but have absolutely no obvious way to contact them. If you’re reading guys, please get in touch at election@iharrow.com!



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  1. All things good

    Don’t hold your breath on the Harrow Weald candidates!

    1. Ross Barlow

      Hello “All things good,” My name is Ross and I am one of the candidates for the Harrow Weald Liberal Democrats. We pride ourselves on responding to all residents concerns as fast as we can. We have been working hard for years to make sure nobody is left out of the loop and local people have a responsive team to voice their complaints to. So when you say “don’t hold your breath,” we are concerned that you feel at some point we might not have responded to your problem in a satisfactory time. Could you please tell us why you feel this way about the Harrow Weald Lib Dems?

      P.S. We emailed iHarrow a couple of hours ago but my email address is ross[at]harrow-wealdlibdems.co.uk in case you guys didn’t get it.

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