May 23 2014

Harrow Local Election Results 2014

vote_tick_boxAn interesting day – the only remaining question is where to start? So, we’ll work backwards. Labour won 34 seats, and the Conservatives just 26. Interestingly, the Tories won 41% of the vote, compared to 40% by Labour, so although more voters wanted Conservatives overall, Labour won based on seats. That’s politics.


Election results by party
Party name Seats won % of votes
Labour Party 34 40%
Conservative Party 26 41%
Independent 2 2%
Liberal Democrat 1 6%
Independent Labour Group 0 8%
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 0 2%
Green Party 0 1%

What surprised many present at the count, was that the ILG didn’t manage to split the Labour vote – in fact, ILG managed to grab none of the seats, and just an 8% share of the votes. So, it’s goodbye to ILG Councillors Idaikkadar, Stoodley and Khalid, amongst others. Cllr Idaikkadar tells me that his garden will benefit from the result, and Cllr Stoodley looks forward to continue to being a pain in the arse at public questions each cabinet.

Cllr David Perry, meanwhile, will hang up his hard hat and builders bum for a while, as he goes on the hunt for a new Chief Executive. Rumours are already abound that Michael Lockwood may be receiving a call very shortly.

UKIP didn’t win any seats, despite a spirited campaign by Jeremy Zeid and co, and in fact, if the votes scored by Yogalingam Dyanamby in Canons are anything to go by – he received 904 votes, despite being kicked out of the Labour Party when it became known they’d recruited someone with a conviction of defrauding the council – people still seem to be voting for parties, not for personalities. Again, this can be seen in Roxeth, where Thaya Idaikkadar took only 791 votes – half what Labour’s new-boy, Primesh Patel, won.

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”There’s a blue Fiat 500 outside with a ‘for sale’ sign on it”[/pullquote]

It was becoming apparent by late morning that the Conservatives were in trouble – the bundles of paper in the Labour tray were towering over their neighbours in most cases – and if that didn’t give the game away, Cllr Hall’s face of thunder certainly did. If she were a smoker, she’d have been outside most of the time puffing away like a chimney.

Many candidates bought friends or relatives with them for support, and to witness the state of politics in Harrow. We spotted the lovely Zarina Khalid, helping her grandmother along – Zarina had to nip off to work, before Roxeth was called, but no doubt someone has already texted her the bad news. Likewise, we saw Maxine Henson – now back on Twitter – with Cllr Graham Henson, and Will Stoodly – fashionably late, as always – brought along the lovely Paula.

Cllr Hall – who retained the safe seat of Hatch End – brought her daughter, Louise – the splitting image of her mum – along as well, and we’re fairly certain Georgia Weston – Headstone North’s newest Independent – had her mum there as well, either for support or to help reign in Cllr James Bond, who’d clearly been at the E-numbers.

Wisecrack of the day came from UNISON’s Gary Martin, who was overheard to comment “There’s a blue Fiat 500 outside with a ‘for sale’ sign on it”  – those who know, will know. Other points to note were the Council’s woeful catering – coffee ran out overnight, during the verification phase, and with just three platters of sandwiches on offer, along with 16 Danish pastries, the food and entertainment budget needs looking at. No doubt, Cllr Phil O’Dell will be put in charge of that one.

So, what has today shown? It’s brought a degree of clarity to Harrow, in that the electorate have shown that they want a Conservative administration (based on the number of votes cast) but, of course, that’s not how it works. It shows that new boys (and new girls) can beat seasoned old politicians who change party (John Nickolay, for example, moved from Pinner South to Rayners Lane, which chose two Labour and one Liberal Democrat, and so joins his wife Joyce in the sunset of politics), and that Harrow on the Hill remains mostly Tory, with two of the three seats up there being blue. It also shows that the electorate don’t like criminals, as David Gawn polled just 2% of the vote there.



Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties
Belmont Manji Kanji Kara Conservative Party
Minaxi Parmar Conservative Party
Lynda Seymour Conservative Party
Canons Ameet Jogia Conservative Party
Amir Moshenson Conservative Party
Bharat Girdharlal Thakker Conservative Party
Edgware Maria Amadi Labour Party
Barry Kendler Labour Party
Nitin Parekh Labour Party
Greenhill Ghazanfar Ali Labour Party
Sue Anderson Labour Party
Keith Ferry Labour Party
Harrow on the Hill June Rosemary Baxter Conservative Party
Glen Hearnden Labour Party
Barry Macleod-Cullinane Conservative Party
Harrow Weald Ramji Chauhan Conservative Party
Stephen Anthony James Greek Conservative Party
Pritesh Patel Conservative Party
Hatch End Susan Mary Hall Conservative Party
John Stuart Haddon Hinkley Conservative Party
Jean Lammiman Conservative Party
Headstone North James Adam Bond Independent
Janet Teresa Mote Conservative Party
Georgia Lin Weston Independent
Headstone South Simon Brown Labour Party
Pamela Fitzpatrick Labour Party
Sasikala Suresh Labour Party
Kenton East Niraj Dattani Labour Party
Mitzi Green Labour Party
Aneka Shah Labour Party
Kenton West Ajay Maru Labour Party
Vina Vipin Mithani Conservative Party
Kantilal Dhanji Rabadia Conservative Party
Marlborough Varsha Parmar Labour Party
David Perry Labour Party
Antonio Weiss Labour Party
Pinner Paul Simon Osborn Conservative Party
Norman Shairp Stevenson Conservative Party
Stephen John Leete Wright Conservative Party
Pinner South Richard John Almond Conservative Party
Kamaljit Singh Chana Conservative Party
Charles Christopher Mote Conservative Party
Queensbury Michael Borio Labour Party
Kiran Ramchandani Labour Party
Sachin Shah Labour Party
Rayners Lane Jeff Anderson Labour Party
Christopher David Noyce Liberal Democrat
Krishna Suresh Labour Party
Roxbourne Robert Currie Labour Party
Josephine Dooley Labour Party
Graham Henson Labour Party
Roxeth Margaret Davine Labour Party
Jerry Miles Labour Party
Primesh Patel Labour Party
Stanmore Park Marilyn Joy Ashton Conservative Party
Camilla Marie Ann Bath Conservative Party
Christine Anne Bednell Conservative Party
Wealdstone Phillip O’Dell Labour Party
Rajeshri Shah Labour Party
Anne Whitehead Labour Party
West Harrow Kairul Marikar Labour Party
Christine Robson Labour Party
Adam Swersky Labour Party

Yes, half the names aren’t linked – the Council is probably still working on updating things.

So, that’s it. An interesting month of campaigning, of watching mud fly, so we now sit back and wait to see how Cllr Perry’s administration looks, which will probably be announced in the next few days.

Disclaimer: all data on this page was provided by Harrow Council.

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  1. Honest and Open

    Cllr Perry now you are the new leader of the Council, one can only hope that you are as keen and eager as Susan Hall was and continue to make good changes within the Council.

    It was refreshing that Ms Hall communicated with the good residents of Harrow on here, and I hope that you will do the same. With that in mind would you kindly reply to the following;

    I am extremely concerned as are many others, that you may want to re-instate the chief executive. This was always an over inflated post with an over inflated salary, and a chief executive that was not in touch with the residents. The Council has ticked along nicely without him, so why would you want to bring this post back? After all some other Councils run without a Chief executive. If ever there was cause to stage a protest at the Council this would definitely be a reason for doing so.

    Secondly, are Labour intending to freeze or lower the Council Tax for the next 4 years as the Conservatives were going to do?

    Finally, Susan Hall agreed to hold a residents Surgery once a month to listen to peoples concerns if she regained power. This was something suggested to Michael Lockwood many times, but he did not even have the courtesy to reply! Therefore, is it something you are willing to do now, as we all agree it is time for Harrow Council to become more open, and transparent?

    I await your answers…….thank you!

    1. Harrow Dude

      When did Susie agree to this.. I may have missed that particular bit of spin?

    2. ricky123

      Open and Honest, I would like to second everything you have said

  2. Harrow Dude

    (I shot the sheriff
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    They’re tryin’ to track me down;
    They say they want to bring me in guilty
    For the killing of a deputy,
    For the life of a deputy.
    But I say:

    Oh, now, now. Oh!
    (I shot the sheriff.) – the sheriff.
    (But I swear it was in selfdefence.)
    Oh, no! (Ooh, ooh, oo-oh) Yeah!
    I say: I shot the sheriff – Oh, Lord! –
    (And they say it is a capital offence.)
    Yeah! (Ooh, ooh, oo-oh) Yeah!

    Sheriff John Brown always hated me,
    For what, I don’t know:
    Every time I plant a seed,
    He said kill it before it grow –
    He said kill them before they grow.
    And so:

    Read it in the news:
    (I shot the sheriff.) Oh, Lord!
    (But I swear it was in self-defence.)
    Where was the deputy? (Oo-oo-oh)
    I say: I shot the sheriff,
    But I swear it was in selfdefence. (Oo-oh) Yeah!

    Freedom came my way one day
    And I started out of town, yeah!
    All of a sudden I saw sheriff John Brown
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    (I shot the sheriff.) I did!
    But I didn’t shoot no deputy. Oh! (Oo-oo-ooh)

    Reflexes had got the better of me
    And what is to be must be:
    Every day the bucket a-go a well,
    One day the bottom a-go drop out,
    One day the bottom a-go drop out.
    I say:

    I – I – I – I shot the sheriff.
    Lord, I didn’t shot the deputy. Yeah!
    I – I (shot the sheriff) –
    But I didn’t shoot no deputy, yeah! No, yeah!

    1. garth

      yeah man lion praise br to jah

  3. What a surprise!

    Today’s Pros;

    We got rid of Susan Hall who some might say, not I but some, is a manipulative, egomaniac who goes out of her way to destroy people who cross her.

    We got rid of Thaya Idiakkadar who cannot speak or write proper English. Hardly an unreasonable requirement for a Leader of the Council.

    We got rid of William Stoodley, who some might say, not I but some, is an asinine provocateur.

    Today’s Cons;

    We got a Labour Council, who don’t have a good history in providing sound financial guardianship, basic services like clean streets and getting rid of rotten Council officers in Harrow.

    Lazy Councillors who don’t pull their weight in their wards but happily take their allowances got re-elected because of their political affiliation.

    Independent Labour didn’t get a single seat.

    I implore Harrow residents to start going to Cabinet Meetings, ask questions, talk to their Councillors and not vote for the Party that is their political preference. Instead, vote for the Councillors who actually care about local residents and the locality rather than how the Councillor can boost his/her bank balance/ego/standing in their community.

    1. ricky123

      What a surprise, I have on several occasions offered to live stream the meetings, this way most people can see what goes on without leaving their house as most people have computers, they could send questions in advance and the answered could be given live. The meetings could also be recorded and put onto the Council website for people to see at their leisure. Cabinet starts at 6.30 & full Council starts at 7.30, most people have just come home from work and don’t have the time to get to the Civic. I have the equipment to do this. People will start to see how the Council and Clls work which has to be a good thing and see your point of “Councillors who actually care about local residents and the locality rather than how the Councillor can boost his/her bank balance/ego/standing in their community”. They could see the faces of the people making the decisions. I am not sure why this offer has not been taken up, maybe they don’t want the residence to see some of the childish behaviour and backbiting that goes on, I am hoping that is not the reason, however, I have the equipment to do this and with a bit of organisation we could start with the first meeting with Cllr as the leader, and before anyone says how much is this going to cost etc etc, I have offered my equipment and services free of charge. Cllr Perry my offer is still open.

      1. Honest and open

        Ricky 123 Fabulous idea…………Cllr Perry are you going to answer this question as well?

    2. garth

      [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  4. Honest and Open

    Harrow Dude……..and your point is????????????

    1. Harrow Dude

      Honest and Open my point is clearly explained in the lyrics of Robert Nesta Marley. Please do not take them literally…

  5. What a surprise!

    That was sarcasm regarding Independent Labour, in case anyone misses it.

  6. anon

    No surprise that the idiotic dog turd, Husain Akhtar is bitching about just about everything still.

    He is now crowing about the HARROW MONITORING GROUP which sounds like it will be another pain in everyone’s arse.

    Still, at least we won’t be funding him to the tune of £8000 a year to be a complete fuckwit any longer.

  7. jp hobbs

    Please don’t insult Dog Turd .

  8. MysticMeg

    Why do the people of Harrow never learn from their mistakes? No one should pat themselves on the back for today’s result. The poor turnout should be of huge concern as it shows that a majority of people living in our borough either could not be bothered to vote or had no faith in politics!! I wouldn’t call labours win an overwhelming victory by any means. They did a poor job of running this council before and have learned little since then. Re/bafged and re-branded they have seduced us with their promises. I am concerned that old habits die hard and therefore expect a bunch of lazy incompetent counoillors to snooze their way through the next term being as ineffective as they have always been. I expect new posts at inflated salaries to be created so that the dead wood can continue to hide until their generous pensions kick in. Labour in Harrow stopped being the people’s party once self interest got in the way of their thinking. Today is a sad day for local politics. A poor turnout in a borough that prides itself on diversity. So where were all the voters then? Did they all feel that their vote would not make a difference. Are they all so naive to believe that abstaining from voting sends any kind of Message to the political parties? Clearly not! I hope this is not the pre- cursor to the general elections. if it is I need to sell up and leave this borough. Harrow is a slum and I believe it will get worse under Labour. These champions of social housing will not rest until every ward has a crime ridden sink estate in the misguided notion that they are tomorrows voters! I am bracing myself for the increase in council tax, and the inevitable financial mismismanagement of our taxes. After all they do have previous on this. To those that voted this shower in “god have mercy on your soul”. To those that didn’t “you were robbed” Now the rhetoric is over let’s see what the part time leader of the council does with Harrow. I hope his employer has received his resignation from his full time job thereby allowing him to undertake this high profile leafership role. All will be revealed soon enough.

  9. Harrow Dude

    The poor turn out is not unique to Harrow, local elections usually return the numbers seen on Thursday.

  10. Concerned Harrovian


    I wish the new administration would have the courage to take up your offer to stream Council meetings. Then residents in Harrow could see what really goes on at the meetings and see the councillors in action or no action in some cases. We could monitor their attendance and we could identify those hardworking, caring councillors and those as you say who are only a councillor to boost their bank balance.

    Is it possible for Paul to find out why streaming is not being done under an FOI?

  11. Gary Roberts

    Not everybody voted according to their political allegiances. I’m a Tory supporter, but 1 of my votes went to Jerry Miles the Labour candidate. & it was good to see him re-elected to the Roxeth ward. He has been a good councillor for this area over the years. The other 2 (ex) labour councillors were a total waste of oxygen as we never ever saw them.

  12. Mrms

    There needs to be more UKIP candidates in future For Harrow ,wealdstone and for Harrow weald.

  13. Concerned Harrovian

    Never mind the Harrow Monitoring Group. Who is monitoring Husain Akhtar and his preoccupation with swimwear?

  14. lets av it right

    [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  15. GARTH

    in the words of annie lennox EVERYBODYS HAPPY NOW THE BAD THINGS CONE AWAY

  16. Concerned Harrovian

    lets av it right

    it is all right to complain about the policies of people you disagree with but it is not all right to insult the way they look. I wonder how many females would say you are ugly and look nothing like George Clooney.

    By the way what is it you are up to in your local pub that you are worried by the presence of a police officer?

    1. GARTH

      [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  17. Marcello Borgese

    It’s official; Harrow is electorally a basket-case. Not only do we have the most popular party not winning (and by quite a few seats) but we have a winning party who have repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot run a bath, let alone a borough, have been torn apart by a quarter of their own councillors (including a former leader) just a year ago and have been investigated after accusations of racism. Even stranger than this, hundreds of people voted for a convicted criminal! Most unbelievable of all, a Lib-Dem was actually elected.

    There’s one oasis of sanity in this desert of incomprehensibility though, the number of independent councillors elected has doubled……..to 2! Slowly but surely.

  18. Willy Stoodley

    How interesting…Labour and Tory both got 40% of a 30% turnout. So whoever won the administration was only ever going to be representing 12% of the citizens of Harrow! Or, put another way, a whalloping 88% of the citizens of Harrow DIDN’T want Labour.


    1. Harrow Dude

      Or 88% of the residents of Harrow have no faith or trust in ANY of you.. Be you ILG, Labour or Conservative.

  19. Concerned Harrovian


    Why did people cast votes for David Gawn (Independent – Harrow on the Hill ward) and Yogalingam Dayanamby (Labour – Canons ward). Both these men are convicted criminals! What does it say about the IQ of the people voting for them?

    David Gawn and Brian Gate are shown on the Liars, buggers and thieves website which lists councillors with criminal convictions.

  20. sonoo malkani

    lets av it right —you really need to GET IT RIGHT when you put pen to paper.It’s perfectly legitimate for you to dislike some body with all your heart,if that is what pleases you, but it’s completely WRONG to call people you so obviously love to hate “syncophant” and other disgusting things.
    Garth,you need to rein yourself in and stop calling those you vehemently dislike “evil ego maniac,liar” and “blue loving scum.”.You need your mouth rinsed out!

    Bet you would not dare say those things under your REAL NAME,Coward!Belt up.

  21. garth

    [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  22. garth

    [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  23. sonoo malkani

    That’s exactly the knid of response you get from a typical bully!Would Harrow Police be helpful as witnesses?

  24. Concerned Harrovian


    So you are only a real man if you do things with your hands. Well I suggest you carry on with the origami classes. Maybe you could progress to learning how to do a line of paper cut out dolls and put the names of female councillors on each one and continue to indulge your vicious fantasies.

    As for looking in pub mirrors, I am sure you will be banned from looking in them as no publican would wish all the mirrors in his pub to break. I am sure the landlord of the Royal Oak does not want his mirrors broken.

    Issuing threats to females (Sonoo Malkani) is not the way to resolve differences of opinion.

    Why don’t you team up with Husain Akhtar as he is very good at trawling the internet for women in swimsuits?

    As you will have now learned the correct spelling for whether (not wether – that is a castrated ram), I suggest you correct the spelling of manor to manner.

    Paul I suggest you alert the publican of the Royal Oak that Garth will be in his pub at 4 o’clock waiting to assault whoever turns up and he takes a dislike to.

  25. iharrow.com

    There have been a number of comments, which have been submitted using inappropriate names. Whilst I tend not to censor comments based on what has been said – unless it is clearly likely to get the lawyers writing to me – I don’t publish comments, regardless of the content, if they contain profanity.

    I may not agree with some if the comments, but I still publish them. A good – or bad – argument or insult can still be made without resulting to bad language.

    – Paul.

  26. Linda Robinson

    Some people’s comments have been really insightful and I couldn’t agree more with most of what’s been contributed by HonestandOpen, MysticMeg, WhataSurprise and especially Gary Roberts and Marcello Borgese. Some others are clearly just rude and ignorant, and I think their comments should be moderated off of this site, Paul. Nobody wants to read that kind of offensive language when they are trying to make sense of a serious political situation.

    What I haven’t noticed here is anyone saying “woohoo, thank goodness we’re getting a Labour administration”. Why would anyone who knows anything about the party’s recent history in Harrow be celebrating Labour regaining control, particularly when the largest slice of the Harrow electorate voted for its main opponents? Of course it’s ridiculous, but there’s nothing local politics can do to change the Electoral Commission’s rules.

    So we’ve lost Susan at the helm, which is a pity in view of the alternative we’re probably going to have to put up with. Like any of us, she isn’t without her faults but she isn’t the monster that some people paint and I hope she will remain a strong leader in opposition. I wouldn’t vote for her party, and luckily I don’t need to in Stanmore Park, but I wish fewer people had blindly supported Labour candidates without informing themselves of anything about their poor performance or individual profiles – as demonstrated by hundreds of people voting for one of the above mentioned convicted criminals just because he had a red label next to his name, thanks to Labour’s incompetence in selecting him in the first place without checking.

    I’d like to add to WhataSurprise’s lists of pros and cons above:


    We have doubled the number of genuinely elected independent councillors to two. I never had any doubt that James Bond would keep his seat, with his excellent record of sticking up for his constituents, and I’d like to say a huge congratulations to Georgia Weston. Headstone North is the luckiest ward; two of their representatives don’t have to follow anyone like sheep. What’s more, they actually live in the ward they represent.

    To replace the number of seats vacated by the totally annihilated Independent Labour Group and quite a few other old timers who have left the scene, we will see a load of fresh faces, who will stand a chance of coming up with better ways forward, listening to their residents and calling a halt to stupid behaviours.


    To replace the number of seats vacated by the totally annihilated Independent Labour Group and quite a few other old timers who have left the scene, we will see a load of fresh faces with no experience, who will have a lot to learn before they can be really useful and may easily be led by their veteran colleagues into a world of lazy party bickering and lack of action in the face of endless bureaucracy and high handed, handsomely paid but ineffective council officials.

    We got rid of William Stoodley and Husain Akhtar, who some might say, not I but some, provided a lot of hilarious entertainment, especially on iharrow.

    What’s happened doesn’t look good for the future stability of Harrow and no doubt we’ll all pay the price for thoughtless ways of voting, but we must try to make the best of the situation and encourage our councillors to do the right things for us. Speak to them, find out what they’re up to and tell them what you think. I would be interested to know how many of those we’ve elected actually do live in the same ward as those they represent. I hope some lessons will have been learned by next time. Let’s get more independents standing and winning seats.

    (That was sarcasm regarding Willy and Husain, in case anyone misses it.)

  27. Harrow Cynic

    What a pity that you and Eileen Kinnear didn’t offer your services to the Independent cause this year. Tsk tsk.

  28. Harrow Cynic

    To make it clear, the above comment was directed to Marcello Borgese

    1. Marcello Borgese

      H.Cynic, thank you for those words of encouragement. As you probably know I have been an Independent council election candidate a couple of times before but it is extremely difficult to break the Lab/Con duopoly in Harrow as ILG have found to their chagrin.

      I sincerely hope the hapless Tories get their act together though as Harrow is now, sadly, turning from a duopoly into a monopoly. But wait, is that another political party I see on the horizon, steadily gaining in popularity across the country? Hope at last!

  29. j p hobbs

    Well after reading all this tripe and hatred I am so glad I have just moved out of Harrow after 35 years , what a lot of nasty sad people I am leaving behind , tho a few good ones .

  30. Honest and Open

    Please Paul could you remove some of the offensive posts above that contain terrible insults and profanities? By leaving them on here it somehow degrades this site and all that it stands for. Personal attacks on Susan Hall and others on here are truly disgraceful!

  31. iharrow.com

    H&O… I’ve given a lot of thought to this over recent days.

    I want to stimulate comment and discussion, and so I’ve generally censored/redacted very few comments over the years. Those that I have, have been clearly indicated as such.

    However, there has been a turn of late towards nasty, personal attacks on individuals – both public figures, such as Susan Hall, as well as other contributors here, and I have to say that the time has now come to do something about it.

    To that end, I have introduced some ‘House Rules’ which are now part of the ‘About Us’ pages, which govern the agreement between iharrow.com and our readers:

    User comments – house rules

    Contributions from users, in the form of comments to articles published, are both welcomed and encouraged. Whilst we realise that emotions can, sometimes, run high, comments should be free of profanity, and avoid abusive and insulting language. Comments which do include language we might deem unacceptable may either be held for moderation, deleted without appearing, or removed post-publication. We never censor comments based on their political comments, but only where they become offensive, abusive or where we otherwise deem them not suitable.

    Removal or censorship of comments is a ‘last resort’ course of action.

    I have also re-reviewed recent comments, and those which I consider to fall foul of these simply guidelines have been moderated: in effect, the text has been replaced with a simple explanation as to why it has been removed.

    I value the contribution of readers, and realise that we won’t all agree with each other all of the time, but if we can at least avoid the nasty attacks, we should at least be able to live with each other here.

    – Paul.

  32. Rob

    Linda – thank you for your thoughtful, fair analysis of the current local political situation. I thought it excellent

  33. sonoo malkani

    I agree,Rob..Refreshing to see balanced,polite comments made in a spirit of goodwill to all and malice towards none!

  34. imwaching everything

    So Glad that the destructive Conservatives are out as well as those diabolical independent labour now Clr Perry its time to sort the mess out and all of harrow will be watching

  35. Concerned Harrovian

    [This comment has been removed, as it was posted using somebody else’s name]

  36. MysticMeg

    I suggest that Mr Perry starts by looking on this site and answering some of the questions being asked of him here. Love her or hate her, Susan Hall always replied when questioned on iharrow. I would like to think that Mr Perry will be equally eager to address any questions asked of him by the residents of Harrow.

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