Apr 27 2014

Harrow’s 2014 Election Candidates – The Moves

vote_tick_boxThe Harrow 2014 election sees a number of candidates move seats to stand elsewhere. This isn’t unusual, and can be for a number of reasons: perhaps they’re a particularly strong candidate, and are ‘parachuted in’ to win a marginal ward, or perhaps they’re past they’re sell-by date, and get shunted off to stand in a ward in which they have no chance of winning.

There’s a couple of interesting moves here, and we can see one in which the candidate has a tough battle on his hands to win – we would have confidently said he had no chance, but this election is pretty much un-forecastable!


Ward Move
FERRY Keith (Labour) moves from Wealdstone to Greenhill.
MACLEOD- CULLINANE Barry (Conservative) moves from Belmont to Harrow on the Hill.
STEPHENSON Bill (Labour) moves from Headstone South to Hatch End.
PHILLIPS Bill (Labour) moves from Greenhill to Headstone North.
JAMES Krishna (ILG) moves from Marlborough to Kenton East.
CHOUDHURY Mrinal (Labour) moves from Edgware to Kenton West.
NICKOLAY John (Conservative) moves from Pinner South to Rayners Lane.
DAVINE Margaret (Labour) moves from Edgware to Roxeth.
KHALID Zarina (ILG) moves from Queensbury to Roxeth.

The numbers show that the Conservatives and ILG are both shuffling two candidates, with Labour moving five.

An acknowledgement to Harrow Bugle who got here first with this analysis, and who clearly were’t out last night, as they managed to publish it first!

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