Apr 25 2014

Harrow’s 2014 Election Candidates – The Numbers

Elections are all about numbers, so we’ve done some analysis of the numbers.

There are 220 candidates competing for just 63 seats across the borough. If we break that down to the individual groups, we see both Conservatives and Labour putting forward 63 candidates (three per ward), with Independent Labour coming in with 47, clearly avoiding the staunch Tory wards:


A chart is probably the best way to visualise the number of candidates in play:


If we sort the data another way, we can see which wards have the most competition going on – an analysis that is sure not to have been missed by the group leaders themselves. Clearly, Rayners Lane, Greenhill and West Harrow are going to see the most leaflets stuffed through doors in the coming days and weeks:


We’ll get to some more analysis and candidate background over the next few days once the research starts to come back.

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