May 29 2014

Headstone North – Local Election

Chris-Baxter-2Chris Baxter, Candidate for Headstone North, writes:

I would like to like to congratulate Headstone North’s team of councillors James Bond, Georgia Weston and Janet Mote on their success in last week’s local election, I wish them all well.

Although I am extremely disappointed not to have been elected, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted for me, as well as all the candidates for Headstone North for a good, clean campaign fought on local issues. I really enjoyed the campaign and I would definitely stand again in the future.

However with only 3716 people, less than half the electorate, in Headstone North turning out to vote on Thursday 22nd May, none of us can afford to be complacent. Local councillors exercise considerable power and influence on behalf of residents and it is our to duty to engage more people in this process.

Local politicians need to make themselves more accessible to the electorate and in particular to younger voters. In my role as Chairman of HWCA I will continue to work to encourage more young people to get involved in local politics.

Kind Regards,

Chris Baxter
Harrow West Conservative Association

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    it is extremely rewarding to see a young man showing such good sportsmanship in the election competition. Other candidates have a lot to learn regarding good manners. What a refreshing approach and such a change from the usual yah boo politics. Can we have more candidates like this (from all parties) as they do much more to endear themselves to voters than those candidates who spend their time hurling personal insults at other candidates and the electorate.

    The electorate want their politicians to argue for them and not with them.

  2. Marcello Borgese

    I would like to join Mr Baxter in congratulating the victors of Headstone North ward particularly the Independents who do not have the benefit of a sizeable party-machine with its wealthy donors, legions of volunteers and experienced electoral tacticians. Perhaps next time the Independents can manage a clean-sweep and take all three seats.

    I am also pleased to hear that Mr Baxter believes politicians should communicate more with the public; as an aspiring politician himself I presume he includes himself. So it was disappointing that he declined to respond to my question linked to the article announcing his appointment as HWCA Chair (31 March). I had presumed he wished not to communicate via iHarrow.com which is his prerogative.

    However, either he has changed his mind about communicating via iHarrow.com or he chose to ignore a voter’s question. If it’s the former, great. If it’s the latter, well that’s not a good start is it?

  3. headstonenorthresident

    If you are persistent enough Mr. Baxter, and in the meantime demonstrate something to assist the Voters in Headstone North, other than mere campaigning, then no doubt such activity should show up to your advantage in the 2018 Elections!

    Not sure just what you mean about a ‘clean’ campaign though, as some of us were ‘Party’ to a letter distributed by your Leader which was certainly replete with PERSONAL criticisms of the ‘opposition’. Apparently however this still helped the target of such unnecessary invective – Councillor Bond – deservedly increase his share of Votes from 25% (in 2010) to 50% (in 2014). This is surely just one example of us here in Headstone North voting for Candidates who actually do what they say, and not just blindly follow some Party Whip regardless of the patronising effects of this on residents.

    In other words we were not ‘complacent’, we simply voted most for those Councillors and Candidates we believed – and believed in – the most! This effect was reflected , in varying degrees, elsewhere in Harrow of course. ‘Watch and Learn’ Mr. Baxter!

    Incidentally you may have not realised that the most ‘accessible’ Councillors and Candidates already received the most votes, too!

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