May 07 2014

How to Win Friends – a review of Labour Candidate Barry Kendler (Edgware)

random_charactersIt’s a given that election time sees an increase in the political insults thrown around, but sometimes, do perhaps these go a little too far?

An anonymous reader sent me some links to the postings of Labour’s candidate for Edgware, Barry Kendler (nice article here from GetWestLondon about dumped rubbish on private land which he believes should be cleared by the council).

Mr Kendler, says the reader, describes himself as a “Council Candidate” for Harrow. He continues his LinkedIn profile by saying that he “Contributes to Policy Development in Harrow” and “Case-work and advice to residents” as well. Which seems a little odd, after all, no residents could expect any of the protections that they’d get if they were talking to an actual councillor – and with 220 candidates for 63 seats, that’s a potential 157 random people – including convicted criminals (here and here) – going around offering “case work”. Hmm.

Reviewing Mr Kendler’s Facebook (when will people learn about locking this down – we’ve already had Cllr Stoodley posting a photo of himself posing with a bloody handgun on Facebook), and we get some charming quotes from him:

  • “…Independent Group led by Tory Puppet Thaya Idaikaddar…” – February 25, 2014
  • “What a bunch of pompous prats are the ILG and Chris Noyce…” – November 4, 2013
  • “Going to do some serious canvassing tomorrow. Hope I meet an ILG supporter. Just in the mood for them.” – November 1, 2013

But enough. What does Mr Kendler think “we need” in the borough:

“We need money for enforcement of fly-tipping, training for the new communities and enforcement against rogue landlords who are causing misery to their tenants and their neighbours with overcrowding and mismangement.”

What is his party offering in it’s manifesto?

  • “fly-tipping” – not mentioned. At all.
  • “training” – only mentioned in respect of council staff and introducing apprenticeships.
  • “enforcement against rogue landlords” – just says they’ll “look into” licensing and “encourage” landlords to “sign up to a landlord and tenant charter”, which isn’t really enforcement, more like asking nicely.

I’m sure tempers are flaring – and with 220 people hoping to win the much-lauded “handsome allowance” that disgraced councillor Husain Akhter parrots on about –  there’s probably some pressure to. But do we really need to resort to such public name-calling?

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  1. V.k.m

    I keep hearing Barry Kendler is not his original name. Is this true? If so why did he change the name ? Did he declare this info in his nomination form? Some one please enlighten me.

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

      He’s Jack Elliot’s son as in the guy in the big Labour propaganda leaflet who used to be the Harrow East Labour Party Chair.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I agree with the request by iharrow.com for better behaviour by candidates and their supporters. There is the odour of desperation in the air as residents are threatened by two candidates and women are insulted by Garth by being told to get on with knitting and coffee mornings.

    Does it never occur to canvassers that they might get further if they were pleasant and persuasive to potential voters instead of hostile, angry,bullying and insulting.?

    Perhaps we ought to have a whip round to buy candidates and canvassers a copy of the book “How to win friends and influence people.”

    Does anyone know the name of the ineffectual Returning Officer who appears to be invisible? Will the officer still be invisible when reaching out for their pay cheque?

  3. ricky123

    Not sure but someone told me the returning officer is Hugh Peart. But I am sure that the Leader of the Labour Party is Cllr David Perry, I am hoping he will come on here and tell everyone what he has done about these two and when he be throwing them out of the Labour Party.

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    I apologise to Garth as in the comment above I quoted him as saying “women should stick to knitting and coffee mornings”. He in fact said they should stick to flower arranging and coffee mornings and did not mention knitting. Perhaps he thinks they should be denied education as well like the Nigerian school girls. Wake up and smell the coffee Garth. it is 2014 and not the dark ages.

    Yes ricky 123, if you cannot keep party members from misbehaving what hope do you have of running Harrow.

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    Here is a conspiracy theory to think about. Are Navin Shah and Sasikala Suresh secret double agents for an opposition party seeking to discredit the Labour party?

    Does anybody know how the Labour hierarchy works? Does a GLA member trump a Harrow party leader?

  6. King David

    He put him on the throne so …..

  7. Concerned Harrovian

    I must have missed the coronation. Could you explain your remark?

  8. iharrow.com

    I checked with Harrow’s Labour group. They confirm that Barry Kendler was a Harrow councillor back in the 1970s under the name of “Barry Elliott”. They say he’s told them he changed his name for “family reasons” and that it is a “private matter.”

  9. King David

    Fine work Paul but you may want to ask them real questions about why was it not made public? Did he resign or moved out of borough when last cllr? What impact his actions had on council and politics and political makeup? Did he ever join another party as a cllr or candidate? That is just a start.

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