Apr 24 2014

Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents Quit Politics

vote_tick_boxAs the nomination period closes, we see that the Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents have decided that despite getting lots of support (they say) at the doorstep, that “…it is purely in the interest of the residents and to avoid further political mess by the ILG that the M&W Independents team has decided not to stand for the council election this May.”

No surprise really. Given that the disgraced Councillor Akhtar has been in just about every political party that would have him at one time or another, then tells his Canon’s constituents that he’s abandoning them for Wealdstone, it was only a matter of time before this group fell apart.

So, what now? Will we see Akhtar and his merry chums stand as independents somewhere? Has he quit politics for good, now his reputation is in tatters? Or, more likely, has he been considered so toxic to the M&W group that they decided they didn’t have a chance whilst being associated with him?

No idea. No doubt we’ll find out in the morning once the lists are published by the Council. Whatever way you look at it, this election could go in absolutely any direction at the moment!


The final irony, as the M&W ship sinks, is that they say “Final analysis of our pledges data indicates that our support is predominantly by the Labour voters.” So, that’s another bunch of people they’ve abandoned.


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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    I bet that’s all rubbish and the real reason is because he couldn’t find 10 residents willing to sign his nomination form lol!!

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I agree with Willy’s remarks. What woman would want to vote for Akhtar? Let us hope his white flag with a speedo motif will no longer be seen in the borough of Harrow. With the free time he will now have he should not spend his days trawling the internet for pictures of women in swimsuits but instead take up a more wholesome hobby.

  3. Susan Hall

    Concerned Harrovian there is one thing you can be sure of. Husain Akhtar, despite the fact that he has been thoroughly discredited (by his own disloyal actions) will continue to criticise everything I do. I am not bothered, he has no judgement, no integrity, no credibility and this is certainly the one thing that all the Councillors agree with, from all party’s. I am not in Politics to be particularly liked by my colleagues, I am here to deliver for the residents of Harrow and I am. I am exceptionally proud of what I and my Conservative Colleagues have achieved in just 7 months and I most sincerely hope that the good residents of Harrow vote Conservative and allow us to continue to deliver for everyone in Harrow

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