May 05 2014

“Real Face of Harrow Labour Party?” on YouTube

Spotted on YouTube:

Credited to YouTube user ‘NotHarrowObserver’ and Twitter user @meetjoeblog.


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  1. PraxisReform

    Here’s another video concerning how appalling parts of Harrow have become under useless Harrow (Wealdstone branch) Labour Councillors tenure, and how quickly they will plagiarise the credit for things that they have had naff all to do with.


  2. ricky123

    I have heard that while some Labour candidates where out canvasing they bullied some people into taking down ILG posters from their windows, I am trying to confirm whether this is true, because I find it hard to believe, if it is true its not only disgraceful but also just shows how scarred Labour are of the massive support ILG are getting. If I find out that it is true I will let all of Harrow know who it was and hope that Cllr Perry throws them out of the Labour party.

  3. King David

    In Headstone South Ward. One sitting Labour Cllr went into vile personal accusations and uncalled for remarks when the voter asked him about ILG.Needless to say Labour Cllr lost that lady’s vote and the respect. Another vote plus family votes lost by Labour Party. They should carry on!

    1. PATHMAN

      Yes, this is true. Several shop keepers have complained about Cllr Sacikala Suresh and Cllr Navin Shah intimidating the shop keepers in Rayners lane. Most of them have told them where to go. One shop keeper did take the poster out but hearing the news a very upset next door shop keeper placed two of our posters on his window. I have complained to the returning officer and the Police.

  4. ricky123

    This is unbelievable, these two need to be kicked out of the Labour party now. Lets see what the returning officer and the Police does, and more importantly what the leader of the Labour Party does.

  5. Concerned Harrovian


    This certainly is unbelievable. Prospective candidates going around threatening voters. What on earth is happening in Harrow?

  6. v.k.m

    The returning officer is not known for taking bold or quick action. He would rather sit it out and expect the problem to blow away. As for the police ,we may be lucky to see any action before 2018 elections. In the meantime the gutter politics will thrive.

  7. Concerned Harrovian


    Do you know the name of the ineffectual returning officer? Are returning officers council employees and how much are they paid. If they are that useless in monitoring elections perhaps we should all be protesting about this corruption by inactivity?

    Also I would have thought that when out canvassing politicians should be pleasant and persuasive not threatening. We have this unpleasant pair threatening voters and Garth hurling insults at Harrow women.

    Wonder if these people are double agents employed by opposition parties.

  8. ricky123

    I know what your saying about the Police and the returning officer, however, what about the leader of the Labour Party Cllr Perry, what is he going to do about it. Something needs to be done as this wont go away.

  9. King David

    This is unbelieveable behaviour. Labour in Harrow would do anything to win. they flouted their 2010 pledges and now want to hoodwink people.

  10. Pathman

    The Labour Party leader is very scared of CIIr Navin Shah. We don’t expect any action from a gutless leader. Loud voice but pussy cat.

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