Dec 17 2014

Ex-Mayor Nana Asante to run as TUSC Candidate in 2015

cllr_nana_adantePress release from Nana Asante:

Former Harrow Mayor Declares Intention To Run For TUSC in 2015 General Election

At the 4th Grassroots Community Meeting which took place at Stanmore Baptist Church last Saturday, former Harrow Mayor Nana Asante officially declared her intention to contest the Harrow East seat for TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) at the 2015 General Election in May.

One of the first public figures to send their “best wishes” was Tower Hamlets’ Mayor Lutfur Rahman, who could not attend the community meeting, because of prior commitments in his borough. At the meeting, ordinary people came to discuss Socialism, Politics and Racism…impact on our communities. Following a welcome by Nana Asante, Immediate Past Mayor of Harrow, an extract of the documentary ‘Look How Far We’ve Come’ was screened. The extract featured Sir Herman Ousely, Dawn Butler, Lee Jasper, Ken Livingstone, Morgan Dalphinis, Professor Paul Gilroy and others. Professor Gilroy reminded us that there is London and then the rest of England! The film, created by Kwaku, led to a dynamic discussion, facilitated by Awula Serwah.

Nana, who along with seven other Labour Councillors in Harrow formed the ILG (Independent Labour Group) after the Labour party expelled them in 2013 rather than address their concerns, said she was standing on the TUSC ticket because she wanted to promote “true socialist values, which was about prioritising and serving the needs of ordinary people and promoting Social Justice and an Alternative to Cuts and Austerity.”

Paula Mitchell, TUSC representative said: “ the meeting and subject matter are timely, all around the world, people are in the streets making it clear that #Black Lives Matter. Native Canadians are out in -32 degrees, Syrians, New Yorkers. For the first time in their history, Belgium is planning a General Strike. It is time for the Alternative. TUSC aims to field 100 Parliamentary candidates and 1000 local candidates in May 2015”.

Léandre Sahiri, Kenton resident summed up the difference between Capitalism and Socialism with a wonderful metaphor: “ When a child enters a school, the Capitalist thinks how much money can I make from fees etc. The Socialist thinks, how can I impart knowledge to this child so possibilities open up and the child can avoid an exploitative minimum wage situation and is able to contribute to transforming society.”

The meeting defined Socialism as a system through which resources such as water, electricity and transport were held in common to benefit society. The success of the East Coast Line which went bankrupt in private hands but turned a healthy in the public sector highlights the fact that Socialism is able to provide the bedrock of a vibrant economy. Socialism is about a different set of priorities, people rather than dividends. The fact that we had to bail out banks shows that Capitalism is not the panacea that it’s been billed to be. In spite of a crippling embargo, Cuba has world class education and healthcare and was the first country to despatch doctors and other personnel to West Africa to combat the Ebola crisis.

During a break in the meeting Nana gathered the audience in order to light a candle in solidarity with frontline staff, those suffering from the effects of Ebola and those who have died in certain parts of west Africa.

If you believe that another world is possible and that there is an alternative to cuts and austerity, then support TUSC and its candidates. National Conference takes place in January


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  1. mike mcfadden

    Ha ha ha Bob has nothing to fear then. If she loves Cuba so much please go and live there! And if your responsible for taking in failed asylum seekers and lost children into Harrow any chance you can take them with you. We need to save money for our own. Time to put Britain first before we end up as a hateful banana republic or a poor failed soviet state. Sadly, this can’t be far off.

  2. Watchman

    So Nana, you’re supported by the likes of Ken Livingstone and Luftur Rahman. Are they aware that you were born in Tel-Aviv and that presumably still support Israel against being wiped out by her genocidal neighbours?

  3. Maggie

    God help us all if she overspands like she did as mayor !!!

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