Dec 15 2014

Uma Kumaran Stamps Foot; Demands iharrow.com Take Down

uma_kumaranAlmost a year ago, the now-defunct Independent Labour Group wrote a guest post for iharrow, expressing their surprise at Uma Kumaran’s selection as Labour’s Harrow East candidate.

In that post, they asked how long she’d been involved in local politics in Harrow, and suggested her “… sudden interest in Harrow seems clearly due to personal and political ambition.”

“She is not,” they continued, “known to attend any Tamil or other community events prior to her ambition to become a Member of Parliament or previously a local Harrow Councillor, but no doubt this will change because now she needs to gain their votes.”

Ms Kumaran, nearly a year later, wrote to demand that the post was taken down:

Dear editor,

Hope you are well and thank you for publishing various articles that my team and I have sent you over the past year.

I’m contacting you about one article in particular – an ILG ‘guest’ post about me. http://www.iharrow.com/council/ilg-hit-back-at-labours-candidate-uma-kumaran/

I read this at the time it was posted and was very concerned by the number of slanderous accusations and false allegations.

This article has now also been used as a way of setting up a wikipedia page to continue false rumours and divisive politics along ethnic lines.

This post is simply the personal vendetta of a member of the ‘ILG’ and is deeply damaging and completely untrue.

As such, I am requesting that as the owner and editor of iharrow that the article be removed on grounds of slander, completely false allegations and race related bullying.

Please could you let me know if this is something you will do, or if I will have to take further action.

As a politician, I do expect my fare share of criticism and negative press – however, I am not willing to allow completely untrue allegations about a serious international subject matter or related to my ethnic heritage to remain.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


We read, and re-read the original article, and couldn’t see what she could be upset about. Certainly, as a politician, she should expect negative press and criticism from time to time- she’d likely not last five minutes otherwise – and learn to manage it. After all, Gareth Thomas – he of the Northwick Park Hospital and Isle of Gibraltar stories did. We queried Ms Kumaran’s concerns – and offered to meet with her at short order to discuss her concerns: two days later, she declined the offer. An email to her Key Seat Organiser, who we contacted to verify the email, went unanswered (but was read – twice).

We have complied with Ms Kumaran’s request. You can read the Wikipedia page she refers to here.

Note to Uma: On your Twitter profile, you use the hashtag #DJUma – in case you didn’t know, the first three pages on Twitter with that tag produce links to porncams. You might want to update that there profile of yours.


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  1. John Nickolay

    Uma seems rather weak on her spelling. Presumably she was not educated in Harrow?

  2. Mike N

    Teddy in corner perhaps! I don’t think Uma is cut out for a career in the hard world of front line politics. Far to sensitive!

  3. JamieB@mailinator.com

    So glad nana asante is standing for TUSC – she will eat Uma alive.

  4. Marcello Borgese

    I’ve analysed Miss UK’s letter and cross-referenced it with the Labour Party Election BS Checklist and it scores quite highly. All the following rules have been complied with:

    1. Get the word ‘divisive’ in nice and early. This makes it look like your opponent is nasty because you’re suggesting they want to tear communities apart rather than join them together as in leader Ed’s dream of a one-nation Britain (do not use in Scotland).

    2. Repeat that your opponent is wrong but without actually explaining how they are wrong. In fact never go into detail about anything; ranting headlines and soundbites will do.

    3. Pretend there is a witch-hunt against you so that you might garner sympathy, Brits love the underdog.

    4. Use the word ‘ethnic’ as much as you can because then it shows that you are not at all racist but highly tolerant.

    4a. (Supplementary Rule added after last general election)Try not to call anyone ‘Bigot’ afterwards.

    5. Finish off with a sentence that totally contradicts what you’ve just said so you can be all things to all men.

    6. Don’t mention the deficit. If challenged later, you can just say you forgot.

    7. If someone offers you a bacon sandwich, politely decline.

    Well done, Miss UK; you are the ideal Labour election candidate i.e. the result of an all-female shortlist.

  5. Susan Hall

    Spot on Marchello, well said.

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