Jun 09 2017

General Election 2017 – Harrow Results

In a nutshell, it’s no change for the borough. Gareth Thomas (Labour) keeps his Harrow West seat, Bob Blackman (Conservative) keeps his in Harrow East.

Results from the BBC (other excellent news websites are available) show that the Conservatives dropped 0.9% in Harrow East, letting Bob romp home with 49.4% of the vote, compared to Labour’s Navin Shah who took 46%, giving Bob a majority of just 1,757 votes.

Meanwhile, in Harrow West, Gareth took 60.8%, up 13.9%, against the Conservative’s Hannah David, who managed just 34.4%, a drop of 13.9%, and a majority of 13,314 for Gareth.

Mr Thomas, who’s been in Harrow for much, if not all of, his life, had a clear advantage over Mrs David in the last few days, as revelations of her involvement in her husband’s tax-avoidance firm came to light. That, coupled with little public exposure – by not bothering to turn of up for hustings – was the final nail in the coffin for the Conservative’s campaign in Harrow West.


Congratulations to both Bob and Gareth.

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  1. James f

    I did not vote. If I voted consecutive I would have lost over £100.000 plus with all the tax changes
    Theresa must go.

  2. Godhelpus

    Theresa May-Hem

  3. Godhelpus

    Already lost 35k when they voted to extend my wife’s pension entitlements to age 66, Now dementia tax on the horizon and leaving the 500 million EU Market to link up with Donald Trump…..
    I just wish I had an offshore account

  4. Ralph laurent

    Theresa must go. This election was a false flag.
    It was used to hide social care cuts as well a no increase in pensions,winter fuel pensions increases.Roll on a government that looks after its citizens. Regards Churchill 1

  5. Someonewhocares

    Also looks like Bob B. is now in a more *Marginal Seat* of course.

    Gareth T. has increased his Majority considerably (gaining votes from all the other candidates)

    Don’t know why Hannah D. avoided hustings; Or MAYbe she does not like debates either?

  6. Someonewhocares

    Just seen her on the news but is TM just simply “in denial” now? (As for the DUP: What?)
    At this rate I give her 5 months not 5 years,

    And, in case you wondered, this is what the Germans/EU think today (in English):-


    1. Someonewhocares

      Never mind, all is well, as TM has now apologised to “those Tory MPs who lost their Seats”!
      Great, but WE ALL await an apology now Theresa!

      And asked “does this reduced majority thus *weaken* your negotiation hand?” she did not give a straight answer…. but she still *just really does not get it*, does she?

  7. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Well seems some very vocal people have failed to post on here Lol, anyway not 1 to gloat but I said Ms David would not win & needed a turnout akin to 1997 unfortunately for her it turned out for Gareth Hall .oh & yes I voted for her live by the sword die by the sword.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Don’t know who Gareth Hall is (!)… but yes it is ‘all a bit quiet’ on here currently but it is also clearly impossible for those same folks to “defend the indefensible” now… but that is not preventing Redwood, Fallon and a few other buffoons from trying to: As Theresa’s old chum George Osborne stated this morning: “Dead Woman Walking”… for perhaps 5 *weeks* max.?

      There *was* a big turnout: Lots of tactical/youth/etc votes involved too of course….

      but overall MAYbe you actually *can’t* “fool all of the people all of the time”?

  8. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Sorry Gareth Thomas not sure where Hall came from I stand corrected.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Sorry yes I knew what you meant but suspected you may have had some ideas about a Gareth Thomas / Susan Hall non-coalition..!

  9. June the Loon

    Oh dear, here we go again. Last year we had the Remoaners who would not accept the result of an open vote. This year we have the Corbynoids – those who cultishly follow their socialist saviour. Clearly a dubious past and being unable to press the red button to protect UK don’t concern many voters.

    Tories won the most seats by far so they won the election. A leader who loses an election usually resigns the next day, if s/he has any honour that is. It must have been Diane Abacus who did the arithmetics if Comrade Corbyn thinks he can form a government.

    The worst thing about the Corbynoids though is that they are so negative and intolerant – so much for Labour’s claims of offering hope and unity!

    Tezza’s biggest problem was the SNP who ‘owned’ Scotland. By having the election, they have been cut down to size so actually Tezza has saved the Union and reduced a major obstacle to a successful Brexit. Her biggest mistake though was not using Farage but that may now be rectified with DUP on the scene.

    I’m not a fan of Tezza (she makes Cameron look like a beautiful genius) but Corbyn is utterly frightful and would be dangerous had he any power.

    I’m hopeful that the gullible and fickle students will now move onto the next craze or cause. I believe Corbyn has peaked and his best is just not good enough. After 30-odd years in parliament, what has he achieved? He’s done slightly better than E.Miliband in an election – big deal!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Well that really is “loony tunes” June! And just like deluded “Tezza The Maybot” you *still* don’t get it either, do you? Pity you were not around to advise her though about all these ‘obvious’ issues *before* all this mess happened…. Give due credit to voters for actually seeing through all this attempted manipulative nonsense: If the Tories really ‘cared’ they MAY have even had a sensible Campaign and Manifesto…. explain that (other than a deliberate self-sabotage) and I may take your comments seriously: MAYbe “Boris the Muppet” will be next? In the meantime:

      1. Someonewhocares

        Forgot to add how she now plans to ‘prop up’ her ailing cabinet – with the likes of Gove as (Environ)mental Minister! We all know why she did this and it’s got nothing to do with the Environment either – but then again perhaps Trump can give him some handy tips??

  10. June the Loon

    Thank you for your rabid response SWC. I’ll add rabid to the list of Corbynoid descriptors. I didn’t quite get the meaning of your rant which is a shame since you are usually eloquent and lucid. But would you at least agree that leaders who lose elections usually resign the next day?

    I can’t imagine anyone thinks TM is the perfect PM (apart from perhaps Mr May although even he is probably having doubts now). The problem is that there is no ‘None of Them’ option on the ballot paper so we’re forced to vote for who we dislike least. Spoilt ballot papers don’t count for anything.

    Labour must never be allowed into power, they always ruin everything when in government and luckily most of the electorate agree. However, right now the Tories seem to be trying to beat Labour at their own game. But however hopeless the Tories seem, it is nothing compared to the Armageddon that Labour would unleash.

    I knew you couldn’t resist the loon reference. Were I a Corbynoid I would vociferously complain that you are mocking those with mental health problems and therefore you must hate disabled people and that’s so divisive. But I am not intolerant, or negative, or rabid

  11. Someonewhocares

    With respect JTL you *do* seem very intolerant/negative/rapid – and also incorrect with your bizarre extrapolations in that last paragraph too: YOU mentioned ‘loons’ first ! Oh, wait, silly me, that was just a trap so you could draw those ‘divisive’ conclusions…. and then mention Corbyn….. Now, where have we read/heard that type of unnecessary deflection before…??

    Anyway do talk to a few Teachers, those who have encountered the back-stabbing and inept Gove, then you MAY have a better understanding on his mental state, notably his delusions of grandeur: See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Gove

    Sadly your overwhelming hatred of all things left have clearly clouded your judgment as far as the importance of “opposition” is concerned, and you *do* still seem to have bought into the whole (highly personal Tory) “Corbyn is The Devil and only idiots would vote for him” approach. Thus it’s a shame that 40% of the UK electorate are apparently viewed like that by you. More locally that 30k/17k split probably tells you something you really don’t like either…

    The most important aspect above however is that Heseltine seems to have a really good handle on it all which must be why May removed him (and relied instead on herself and a few clueless others to make an utter mess and laughing stock of the country….. ); Thanks, ‘Tezza’, I really can’t wait to read about it in your book (soon)!

    Finally it seems *you* are complaining about *Remainders* “complaining about the Brexit mess”… by *complaining about others* yourself; Hypocritical MAYbe ?

    Incidentally you did not really answer my question/request to explain the failed Campaign and Manifesto did you? And again I thought that ‘ignore/deflect’ approach was just a Tory Minister trait….

    1. June the Loon

      Ok I’ll answer your question if you answer mine. The Tory campaign was a complete shambles – they were complacent, didn’t go into detail, they cheekily slipped in unnecessary policies which turned out to be very unpopular or mis-communicated. Labour’s campaign/manifesto ‘appeared’ more attractive and was better communicated. Unfortunately it didn’t stand up to scrutiny but sometimes in politics presentation is everything.

      Adding to that was a campaign to encourage tactical voting purely against the Tories and now we hear allegations that some students were registered to vote both in their home town AND at their student home. And Labour still lost!

      I thought I had made it clear that I am not a fan of the Tories nor of TM but Labour can never be trusted again especially with a fantasist in charge. With the Tories we stumble along with a chance of prosperity, with Labour we sleepwalk our way into oblivion – guaranteed.

      I do speak to teachers in a professional setting. Pay is not bad at all and at senior level it is good. Teaching is a tough job because the government and parents expect results. Financial management is now a critical function in schools, as it should be across the entire public sector. In my experience schools now budget very carefully and all school staff should be praised for raising their game. However, we have now reached the limit of what is achievable under current funding arrangements.

      I’m still not quite sure what your point is. What do you actually believe? My view is that governments of the last 25 years (that includes Con, Lab and Lib) have completely mucked things up – everything is underfunded and yet the national debt is £1.7 trillion. How does that equate to an 11% payrise for MPs last year? But as I’ve said, we’re forced to elect who we dislike least.

      Now my question again, wouldn’t you agree that any honourable leader of the main opposition resigns after losing an election?

  12. Someonewhocares

    Ah, now that’s better JTL less insults, more depth..: However you clearly hate virtually*all* Politicians/Governments so perhaps you are actually just an anarchist then?! But let me answer your question first, No!- why exactly would any popular leader of the opposition resign? What specific purpose would that serve? (For the country I mean not your OWN strange/personal wishes). Indeed please provide some empirical examples of when this has helped us, and how. Perhaps YOU don’t get it (deliberately) but running any Country needs a good Government and a good Opposition too, that’s how Democracies work best!! And thus MY primary point is that *Parliament* is Sovereign, not the *Government* alone.

    Cameron’s Referendum ‘gamble’ failed and he dropped out (and is on permanent well-paid gardening/author leave of course). He should NOT have stepped down – he should have been made to clear up his mess for sure; History will show that BREXIT (-whatever it is, we still don’t really know yet-) is the biggest foul-up this country has ever seen. If we use your rationale then by making it all so much worse now via the GE (not to mention failing to increase her Majority etc) surely TM should resign?! Again what really counts are POLICIES not POLITICIANS, OK?

    However the main fantasist at work here (other than Gove) was obviously TM for not having sufficient vision and insight into the reality of the UK. You still did not really fully answer my question – of course – about *why* the Tories chose the Campaign/Manifesto; We all know these were dire but not *the reasons for these choices* Any (meaningful) ideas? How long will this TM/DUP ‘arrangement’ last? Wonder how many Tories would have voted for her knowing she would rely on the DUP?

    Here’s something else you won’t like: The best way ahead now is a cross-party committee at the EU negotiation table, surely!

    As a (very important) side issue now schools have run out of money what is *your* solution to this then? (Don’t say ‘more Academies’ etc please… ). Yes. teaching is very popular now, that’s why there is such a shortage of them? Incidentally do you know any who liked Gove?

    Ah yes, the continued rumour-machine (aka ‘Froggy’ Farage) has been talking about students voting twice; Unfortunately the voting demographics show that it was much more that the 18-24 votes that mattered too, or does Froggy really think in fact everyone voted twice too? Seriously though June….. I am now starting to think you may well be a You-Kipper… or perhaps enven Katie Hopkins…..? (Sorry)

    Overall you seem to be quite critical of the system and yet seem to have few real answers and positive suggestions – and so you are still registering quite highly as intolerant/negative/etc too!

  13. Mike N

    At last a well written post on this topic, that’s not trying to make out that the losers were the real winners and everyone else was lying. Oh “and”*correctly/ (punctuated)**??! as:-“*well*.:-*

    1. Someonewhocares

      Thank you for your fascinating, knowledgeable and in-depth remarks “Mike N”;
      In the meantime a reminder of TM’s mentor “at work”: (FF to 4.20 if you prefer):-

  14. Someonewhocares

    And if simply lying does not work, how about ‘just cheating’…..? (in case you missed it):

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