Apr 30 2017

Hannah David to stand again in Harrow West

Hannah David to stand again in Harrow West

Harrow West Conservative Association is delighted to announce that they have re-adopted Hannah David to stand as the Conservative candidate for the Harrow West Constituency for the 2017 General Election.

Hannah fought the seat in 2015, cutting the Labour majority to only 2,208.

Hannah said: “I am looking forward to taking the fight to Labour, for the good of Harrow and the country at large – we need to send Theresa May back to Downing Street. There is a clear choice in this election – strong and stable leadership in the national interest with Theresa May or a coalition of chaos under Jeremy Corbyn.”

She continued, “The residents in Harrow have had twenty years of broken promises from the Labour Party. We have had a Labour government that promised the earth and ended up almost bankrupting the country. We have a Labour council that slashes services, while next door Conservative controlled Hillingdon council maintain theirs. We have a Labour MP who tried to run away from Harrow last year and become Mayor of London.”

She concluded: “Enough is enough for Harrow West. The residents need an MP who will fight their corner with the government, with the council and with the Mayor. I am the woman to do that.”


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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Heartening turn-out, Hannah, selecting you as our candidate for Harrow West Conservatives.Great luck going forward!Everything to play for.

  2. Christopher Langley

    Given that much of Harrow politics is now through the Temple or Mosque; which in itself is not good for democracy, it will be interesting to see how Hannah squares the circle of Teresa May’s “brown nosing” Donald Trump, Tayyip Erdogan and the Saudi Royal Family when campaigning for votes from the broad church, no pun intended, of voters in Harrow.
    She might also like to reflect that the majority of voters in Harrow thought that leaving the UK was not a clever idea, to put it mildly and, that the back stabbing by leading Conservative MP’s of each other only illustrated how little they were interested in the well being of the Country but more in their own self importance.
    It is not a strong and stable leadership that is required but one who has a wide understanding of the World as it really is, how nationalism is a downward spiral and that this nation must come to terms with the reality of its place in the world where the growth of Asia and the decline of the UK in wealth and importanceis the reason why we are where we are.

  3. Someonewhocares

    Not seen too much of Theresa’s ‘brown nosing’ myself CL but I did see her Andrew Marr interview yesterday – when she ‘fluffed’ the question ‘was Jeremy C. right about Iraq and you wrong?” (Turns out she was once mentored by Michael ‘Slippery’ Howard).

    As for the EU we do seem doomed for a nasty ‘Hard BrExit’ if ‘Dicky’ Davis has anything to do with it: And you probably know that Theresa has a Geography Degree – so that should be helpful in World Politics….

    But, back home ‘all is well’ of course, as VAT will not be increased; Hurrah! (Wait, when did that get added on to the agenda?) No such ‘promises’ however on Income Tax, NIC, Triple Lock Pensions….. Wonder what will happen then? (Oh dear, I now strongly suspect that,one way or another, Brexit’s really going to hurt now, isn’t it?)

  4. Alison Forrest

    There is indeed a clear choice in this election – vote for the party who have been in charge during education cuts, a crumbling NHS being privatised and reductions in corporation tax, or vote for a local resident who supports investment in the NHS and education and taxing the wealthiest to provide Social care and public services.

  5. Someonewhocares

    Some interesting and relevant points there AF:

    Education cuts? Ah – You mean those disgraceful and huge reductions in funding that some will most probably try to blame on the Council when school standards slip?

    NHS? What’s the problem there? Is it because we are now down to ’14th, best’ in the European arena? Don’t worry though: 4 years ago ‘Joker’ Hunt said he ‘had a plan’; All we have to do is get the already-overworked doctors (many for the EU) to work harder….

    The high-end cuts in Corporation Tax etc will be balanced out by other stealth/indirect taxes on us (peasants), so don’t worry about that, either…

    You know something Alison – we’re just *generally* doomed now, aren’t we?

  6. Someonewhocares

    Oh dear, just seen Theresa’s ‘Britain needs a “Bloody Difficult Woman” to deal with the EU’ interview…..

    Presumably that just means ‘Dicky’ Davis will be negotiating with them in drag then?!

    – It was of course the very affable and experienced Ken Clarke who first coined that phrase about Theresa; so perhaps she thinks she can also simply and easily ‘remove’ J-C Juncker (just like she did to Ken) too?

  7. susan hall

    What businesses, organisations, charities etc all need is good strong Leadership in order for them to function at their best. The Country and Harrow are no different. The difference in Britain is stark between Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn and it is unlikely that many would consider that he could run a bath let alone our Country. Less well known to those living outside Harrow is the terrible state Harrow is in. Poor decision making and a real lack of Leadership from the Labour administration. Borrowing that is going out of control and a lack of understanding of what residents want. We Conservatives are a strong opposition on the Council and will constantly stand up for our residents. This is why we are so happy that Hannah David is our Candidate in Harrow West for the forthcoming election. She cares about the views of residents in Harrow. She is not afraid of hard work and thus would make an excellent MP for Harrow West and I would urge residents to help vote her in, she will not let you down and neither of course will Theresa May.

    1. Someonewhocares

      That’s fine Susan, and we would all expect you to repeat the Party Line (of course); But many of us also know that ‘all is not well’ outside Harrow, too. And you see the main paradox here, you are asking us to trust Theresa May (as she already knows how to be Prime Minister etc) but then to also trust in Hannah David – although she has not been in Politics before…

      BREXIT is primarily why we have a General Election right now and I am really not convinced Theresa ‘Maybe’ (and particularly the aforementioned ‘Dicky’ Davis) will make a good job of it; Again don’t forget the majority of Harrow were ‘Remainers’… so would Hannah D. reflect this via good/effective Opposition and thus ensure all the best deal/s possible for us?

      Yesterday the FT estimated the “Brexit Bill” could well be *100BN Euros*… and I don’t recall that figure being on the side of Boris’ Bus either (only his ‘mistruths’): Tell me who exactly will pay the huge bill though….? (Answer; WE will, and both the misinformed 52% *and* the other 48%)

      Leaving the EU is going to be financially very painful; Being ‘Bloody Difficult’ won’t help:
      Yes Theresa, I think we have ALL ‘had our chips’

      We need to bear all these things in mind when voting: I have still not forgiven (the clearly misguided) Cameron for causing all this mess in the first case, and then disappearing – and don’t even get me started on the arrogant Hammond/Hunt /etc:

      The wisdom of the Old Guard: Clarke/Heseltine and (even) Major was just swept aside…
      obviously because it represented the (inconvenient) truth..

      Just over a month from now Theresa will be saying “the Nation has voted and given ME ‘the Clear Mandate’ to do exactly what I want” (but whilst thinking ;well I can always blame/tax all you voters later’ no doubt).

      -NO it really does not give HER (alone) any such powers (and no more incidentally than it gave Blair with his Iraqi insanity either).

      I have NEVER seen such a divided nation and have NEVER seen such a need for strong opposition either.

      1. susan hall

        SomeoneWhoCares – I do understand your concerns and this is certainly not going to be easy. Don’t forget Theresa May was also a remainer. There was however a democratic vote and however hard it must be for many it is the duty of our Politicians to deliver on that vote. I truly believe that Theresa May will make a good job of it. She is sensible, calm and extremely capable. I do think without doubt that given it will only be Theresa or Corbyn to head up negotiations there can be no contest. Theresa has some really good people around her, Corbyn has Diane Abbot -please! I am sure if Hannah is elected she will be able to discuss such matters with her constituents and feed back concerns.

        With regard to you saying we need a strong opposition I could not agree more, it makes for better governance. (Well unless Harrow is concerned. Labour will not release information that we need but then you know that you are always commenting on it for which I thank you)

        1. Someonewhocares

          Thought you would like the ‘strong opposition’ aspect Susan!

          However a large majority (for any side) then makes politicians too complacent/arrogant…
          and often egocentric enough to start to believe their own B/S…… and then get it wrong!
          (Far too many ‘benefit of hindsight’ examples to list here though)

  8. Wealdstone Warrior

    Someonewhocares, what part of the EU Brexit vote do you not understand! The outcome of the vote was not based on constituency outcome but on UK total votes. You have to put the polling stations somewhere for people to be able to vote. Maybe we should have one polling station in London for the entire UK voting population to cast their vote. Seriously get over it and respect democracy. Be grateful you live in a country where you do get a vote. There are countries in the world where there is no voting system and people do not have any choices.

    Do you really think Corbyn and his comrades are the best people to lead the country and negotiate Brexit with the EU? I mean Diane Abbott, proved what a disaster she is with financial matters.

  9. Someonewhocares

    Just what part of the ‘Brexit Buffoons’ simply lied and scare-mongered right up to the end don’t *you* understand WW? What part of the ’52/48′ ratio was simply not statistically significant enough *under the circumstances* because we were not actually told the WHOLE truth about Brexit don’t *you* understand? What part of almost all businesses/pundits say Brexit will not be good for us, notably because of all the ‘unknowns’, don’t *you* understand? …..

    Never mind, you will (eventually) see what happens c.2020 and then reailse just what *you* did… particularly to all our kids (and their futures).

    Frankly Farage, Gove, Boris (and several others) have effectively produced the biggest disaster of all now: Brexit (especially a hard one) will NOT provide what they ‘promised’…

    However (again) Cameron caused this (then dropped out, thanks a bunch) and so it’s good that Theresa has to clear up the mess, or at least try too…

    It is irritating to hear “Theresa say “Britain has spoken” and said it wants X, Y. Z” She should have said (and I am serious) “Britain has spoken and a small majority has said” and then have the smarts to realised that means a *Soft* Brexit not a *Bloody Difficult* Brexit…….

  10. May Day

    SWC, your contributions are usually lucid, fair, respectful, well-researched, well-presented and frankly quite educational. On the subject of Brexit however, you’re behaving like a child. The vote was in or out, simple as that. More than 50% voted out so we go out. Beyond that, it’s completely up to the government what happens. It’s pointless talking about whether a hard or soft Brexit is right, we weren’t asked so it’s up to them.

    Please don’t go on about he said/she said. All elections are like that. We were told all kinds of calamities would befall us if we vote out but so far, so good. Don’t forget we’ve had recessions and wars as an EU member so it’s hardly a Utopia itself. Experts always disagree and sometimes get it wrong – we went to war in Iraq because we believed the opinion of security experts who have since been discredited. James Dyson is one of the cleverest people in this country and he wants out.

    I agree the vote was too close to change the course of history but I don’t recall anyone complaining about the rules before the result. Winner takes all, that’s how it works here. I would prefer thresholds in votes e.g. a party must win >50% of the popular vote to govern, but we just don’t have those rules primarily because politicians wouldn’t introduce rules that make it more difficult for them to get power. Not great, but that’s the way it is.

    In terms of voting in or out, here’s my thought process. Everyone, even the most ardent EU fan agrees that the EU is not perfect and must change. What would have been our chances of securing change if we’d voted IN? The EU dictators would have said: “You had your chance and you voted to stay so hard luck, live with it”. So the choice was really: Bad EU or no EU. I don’t buy the argument that you can only change it if you’re in it. Cameron got rubbish concessions even when they knew there could be a referendum.

    And in the aftermath, I am appalled how the Euro-surrenderists are trying to destroy UK’s chances of a good deal – it is traitorous behaviour. It emboldens the EU dictators to meddle with the general election. Ask yourself this, if UK was united in getting a good deal would the EU respect us more or less? You know, if all Brits were actually standing up for Britain, the EU leaders would be cr*pping themselves. Instead they come out with random demands (50bn, 60bn, 100bn) and some (not all) remoaners swallow it hook, line and sinker. They are encouraging us to rebel and weaken the government, can’t you see that?

    I am no fan of the government but they have been put in this position by long-gone Dave and the free-thinking British people, that’s a fact. There’s no turning back the clock – the best you can hope for is that a future government might have another referendum. But if you cannot say anything to support UK’s negotiating stance, I strongly urge you not to say anything since it could put this country’s future at risk.

    1. Someonewhocares

      (I hope you don’t mean “Mayday” as in ‘help the ship’s going down’ because that MAY be prophetic….)

      I appreciate (much of) what you say MD but sometimes it’s “not just what politicians do but how they do it”…… of course.

      It was incorrect for May/Davis to indicate that they ‘would not keep us informed about EU negotiation developments’ on a day-today basis’ or them trying to bypass Article 50 due Parliamentary process and/or The Lords and so on…. What’s ‘democratic’ about all that? This is NOT strong leadership it is ‘undue force’ surely born of a lack of confidence/experience in a new situation..

      As for the “EU ‘cr*pping’ itself if Brits were united” please refer to a few European Media Reports over the last 10 months; Most see it as just a “27 vs.1 issue” Read some of those articles (and talk to some mainland Europeans) and you will soon realise I am not ‘putting the country at risk’ (and which is also a hoot by the way); And do you really think they did not notice our 50/50 split and the highly-critical business/pundit articles in our own Press?

      Incidentally, yes “Winner Takes All” may well be OK when we are voting for People/Individuals (and we can all see/hear them ourselves etc) but clearly not for such huge unknowns (and such diabolical propaganda) as Brexit has presented; There needs to be ‘margin of error’ for Referenda or folks could well vote in haste, as has effectively happened, (and I am perfectly entitled to be irritated and vociferous by such an utter foul-up).

    2. red mirror

      well put may day inarguable point don’t expect a prompt reply from sws lol.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Thought you were more ‘free speech’ than that RM: *All* points are arguable, that’s the point!

        Maybe some suitable/unbiased reading material from The Economist (from ~6 months) ago will help…..


        1. red mirror

          unbiased? not possible sws financial gain equals biased do you see???

          1. Someonewhocares

            *Politically* unbiased RM (of course…) Did you read it?

            – That link was provide as basic proof that the RoE is well aware of what is happening here – and have been for some time. Indeed some Extreme Right-Wing activity first raised the UK’s profile there, notably due to the now-defunct UKIP… (of course…)

          2. Someonewhocares

            Indeed there is much *extremely biased* propaganda on the ‘advantages’ of leaving the EU … but usually without the facts and ‘reality’ of it all. Here is something else to consider/reject RM:


            – And get ready to wave ‘bye-bye’ to some of these long-fought-for rights!
            I doubt many Leave voters have ever looked at this EU information though….

  11. Wealdstone Warrior

    Haven’t the Tories done well across the UK local elections, Labour have received a thrashing! Looks like Hannah has a very good chance of becoming MP for Harrow West next month.

  12. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    For Hannah David to win she will need a 97′ by that I mean a turnout akin to the one that swept aside Sir Hugh Dyke & gave us Gareth Thomas voter apathy (oh the Tories will win so need to vote) is her biggest threat to not being elected.

    I personally feel that a better choice to put up against Gareth Thomas would of been Ameet Jogia another Hatch End High School ex pupil brought up in Council Housing & a fine example of what you can achieve,but I am sure his time will come.

    Gareth Thomas is playing his cards close to his chest but is listed as CORE GROUP NEGATIVE by the LabourList although he is 1 of the MP’s who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership contest.



  13. Someonewhocares

    Hannah David would need a 97-foot turnout? Or do you mean a 97-foot ladder?

    It is interesting you mention youth in this context however – if our kids (concerned about their futures) have ‘wised up’ enough and vote we may be ‘surprised’ by the outcome …..

    – Still really don’t buy all Theresa’s “you have to vote for me so I can get a better EU deal” utter nonsense though…. Folks are NOT voting for ‘a better deal’…. and this propaganda is nearly as bad as that stuff on the side of buses

    – Can anyone explain that claim? Maybe the EU can use a similar ‘numbers game’ rationale if (ie, when) the discussions get difficult: The RoEU can just say “well we have to keep the other 675M EU folks happy vs. the UK’s 65M so hard luck we win”?

    Oh wait, now I see; When we have to pay 50BN Euros to leave they will say “but we started with a bill for 100BN Euros, aren’t we good?”!

    Yes, Theresa, except that 50BN is still *over 100 times* what was written on Boris’ bus!!


    1. Someonewhocares

      Actually I have some even better advice for the YOUNG VOTERS:

      Stop taking as much notice of all the (self-interested /short-lived) Politicians and listen to all the (smarter /longer-lived) Economists instead: You Know It Makes Sense!

  14. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Lol no 97ft ladder nor 97 ft turnout but very funny put a smile on my face

    1. Sonoo Malkani

      What a load of hog-wash!Hannah is in with a great chance.Theresa May is right in asking Tories not to be complacent but to get out and VOTE en mass.You bet, we will!After all,our country needs a steady,tried and trusted hand at the helm,not somebody who is surrounded by constant rows within the rank and file.

      A strong leader will definitely stand a better chance when dealing with the Brexit negotiations.Nobody said it was going to be easy.Nothing worthwhile was ever gained easily!The best result will be a win-win for both sides.Our country has voted to leave,however difficult this is to swallow in many quarters.Fear of what might happen is natural since we are looking at the UNKNOWN.

      It is our duty to do whatever we can, collectively,and support the Prime Minister as she negotiates the troughs and peaks during these extremely challenging peace-time negotiations.It is completely untrodden territory.Mistakes might occur on both sides and,emotions may flare up at times.The media must not stir things up but allow negotiations to progress.

      Patience,a cool but firm head will help steer clear of treacherous rocks.The PM will need nerves of steel when facing Europeans who are putting on a very united front even before we have started.Surely,we must stick up for our country and allow Theresa May to face them equally boldly,secure in the knowledge that our nation is backing her one hundred percent.

      Like mature adults,let us face the facts stoically and bring to the table more respect for one another,so that the talks get off to a decent start.The Elections next month must be fought with all these important issues in mind.May our nation return a strong and respected leader along with an enhanced team to Downing Street next month.

      Viva Great Britain!

  15. Someonewhocares

    The first ‘hogwash’ there Sonoo is not realising/recognising the negotiations *already* started of course… Indeed Theresa effectively started it by commenting how important the UK is to EU security and that we can do trade deals with Oz/Nz/USA instead…. Hilarious, and that’s not ‘strong leadership’ it is crass/weak stupidity.

    Similarly the second pile of hogwash is that voting for Theresa will ‘strengthen her position on the negotiation table’; Ah… and so she will then effectively be attempting to indicate to the RoEU that we have all conveniently moved from the 52/48 position and they will also ‘buy it’? Ridiculous nonsense, they just have to read our Press (and they do, believe me)… It’s just pseudo-patriotic clap-trap propaganda.

    Allow me to explain again: From an EU perspective they really don’t like what we did w.r.t. Brexit and they will do what they can to protect the RoEU,* that’s THEIR JOB now*.
    Earlier in this thread we were advised that “winner takes all, that’s just how it is”

    So 27 vs. 1 (aka 96 vs. 4 %) or for that matter 675M vs. 65M people….

    Or does “Majority Rule” does not apply here too??

    – And don’t you understand how we then also HAVE to continue to do business with these nations *after* the negotiations? That is possibly why they have an even stronger hand.
    Under the circumstances it is extremely naiive to think that voting Tory will have a major effect on these negotiations. Many in the UK can see that, and the 27 see it too…

    Stop believing the red-tops and talk to some Economists, Scientist and Technologists etc about the future; MPs know very little about such things of course.

    – And ‘beyond BREXIT’ (if possible) talk with some Teachers, Doctors, etc

    It is vital we ALWAYS ‘vote with our conscience’ not just be TOLD how to vote

    ‘Strong Leadership’ also needs ‘Strong Opposition’

  16. Sonoo Malkani

    Seems everybody, except you,SWC,are just fools.You are the Oracle.Of course,there is going to be huge upheaval with Brexit.Don’t need to be a genius to figure that out .Are you REALLY suggesting Jeremy Corbyn would be the perfect choice to get us sailing smoothly in those tempestuous seas?

    A strong opposition is healthy for any democracy.It is a crying shame Labour have shot themselves in the mouth and let the country down.So much in-fighting and bickering.Very divisive.

    Cobbled -together party coalitions hardly ever work well and is not a viable alternative to the Tory government which provides stability for our economy to flourish and for the security of our nation.Please,stop knocking it!

  17. Someonewhocares

    “Everybody”?? Nice to see you know *everybody’s* opinion now Sonoo! And who mentioned Corbyn and/or Coalitions? You did: Talk about ‘a closed mind’! Nice to see you joined the ‘anti-free speech police’ too!

    No, I am not ‘knocking’ things I am simply ‘reporting’ them exactly (and empirically) as I find them and not from the ‘key vantage point’ of an armchair, either

    There are also *many others* who think exactly like this about Brexit – Since Article 50 was invoked have *you* spoken with many Economists/Scientists and/or Teachers/Doctors? Well *I* have – and I would seriously recommend it, as it may (possibly) change your mind (although I doubt it)..

    And just yesterday I participated in an event about the “effects of Brexit on UK Research projects”. To say the mood was ‘sombre’ is a *huge understatement* Lots of ultra-smart scientists (young and old) seriously distraught about their futures now: Their primary conclusion is that innovation and investment would wither here.

    (The only ‘upbeat’ individual was from Eire who said to the hundreds present “we are still in the EU and speak English so come and work here instead”!!)

    Seriously, you need to stop imagining that we will all somehow be returning to the UK of the 50s (or whatever particular delusion you are under) and vote for *their futures*, not your own ‘notions’… and Theresa’s bogus implications of course; We’re not ALL that stupid, either!

    1. Someonewhocares

      The event I mentioned above was recorded – and so I was going to post it up – but it is almost 4 hours long (and also rather depressing for that matter); However ‘lest we forget’ this is *exactly* how the EU likes to deal with its Wayward Members:


      And you know something, Teresa/David could do well to invite our other Parties along, too! (Yes I am serious, this whole ‘reporting back’ mechanism is where it will probably ‘all go awry’)

  18. West Harrow Willie

    The reason Hillingdon maintains its services while Harrow cuts its is because Harrow’s grant from central government is miniscule by comparison and the grants haven’t been reassessed since Heseltine scrapped the pole tax. The Tory candidate is either unforgivably ignorant on how local politics is funded, or she’s a deliberate lier; hardly endeering characteristics for an MP…hmmmm…hang on a mo-actually on reflection she’s got the makings of a perfect MP!

  19. Sonoo Malkani

    SWC I have no idea what you are wittering on about returning to the Britain of the 50’s when I was a hardly tiny tot.Your mind-set is yours and mine is mine.I choose to not waste precious energy on comments like yours.

    As for the last comment about Hannah.I assure you,she is neither ignorant,nor a liar.She is a very charming and competent lady who is genuinely engaged with the interests of the local community.Whether you believe it or not,that is a fact of life.

    All Politicians will speak and campaign hard to win— as they are entitled to do.No need to make nasty comments just because you may be the opposition.

    1. West Harrow Willie

      Sonoo, Hannah said next door Hillingdon made no cuts unlike Harrow. I say she either doesn’t understand how local authorities are funded, in which case she’s ignorant and shouldn’t be running for office, OR, she knows perfectly well that Harrow gets lots less than Hillingdon, in which case she’s a liar. However Sonoo you may be glad to hear I’ve changed my mind and I’m gona now vote Tory. After all, why should I pay for kids to have nice hot school lunches? Scrap them! Why should I pay for pensions’ to stay tripple locked? Scrap it! Why should I pay for pensioners to have a winter fuel allowance? Scrap it! And why shouldn’t pensioners, who have paid for their health care all their lives by paying their stamp, and who have also saved and worked hard all their lives for their home, then use every penny over £100,000 to pay for their health care despite having been told they already paid for it? Now don’t I sound like a horrible person?! Oh, hang on a mo, I just read out Tory manifesto on care in the community!! How old are you Sonoo? One day you will be very old and in need of care and warmth and a pension and if you vote for Hannah you will have your pension cut, no winter fuel allowance and your house sold to pay for your care. Sonoo don’t be blind! Don’t vote for tories – they are English toffs who only look after themselves – they don t care about you!

      1. Someonewhocares

        All totally valid criticisms/concerns WHW – so don’t expect any (meaningful) specific replies from Sonoo: However it seems satire *is* still alive so just watch this instead whilst waiting:

        1. red mirror

          excellent vid swc sums things up brilliantly lol funny and sad simultaneously keep up the good work cheers.

  20. ricky123

    Sonoo, dont worry about SWC, your not the only one that has no idea what he is on about. By the amount of posts on here from him he obviously has nothing better in his life lol. Whatever he’s on I want 5 bobs worth. As for getting out of this ludicrous EU we need to get out TODAY.

    1. Someonewhocares

      What I am ‘on’ Ricky is *reality, not some unrealistic attempt to ‘turn back time’! Wonder how long it will be until we are saying ‘we would have been better off staying in the EU’?

      Read a bit more broadly than (say) the Daily Mail and you’ll (hopefully!) understand more too:
      Paul Dacre doesn’t care, he just wants to sell papers of course.

      So maybe you should try something a little more Independent instead!:


      “We need to get out today” you say? Yes, it’s that’s simple… Ok, you first!

  21. Someonewhocares

    It’s Ok Sonoo, your answer is partly correct, in that you apparently ‘have no idea’ what is really going on (and has been for some decades)! If you ‘don’t have time for comments like mine’ then desist in the first instance, not when you cease to have any (proper) answers to most the issues raised – Because you *don’t* actually have any real answers about Brexit now do you?

    -That’s the main problem, no-one does (although Yanis V. does have some insights in that video you did not actually bother to watch either! Read his book – it will open your eyes)

    ‘We get it’: You are an incurable optimist: Good for you but some prefer to be realists instead, that way we are less likely to be fooled (again)!

    Yes, some of WHW’s comments are rather harsh, but if “Politicians are entitled to speak hard” then so are we. Even more so if what we contribute is *factually* based – not just some desperate (and often meaningless) Political rhetoric and empty ‘promises’.

    Of course Hannah D. could well be a perfectly decent person, but whether that then really makes her ideal MP material is ‘a fact of life’ too..

    1. red mirror

      good delivery swc i must say i respect your research on these subjects and providing links i just hope sonoo will take something away from your comments.

  22. Someonewhocares

    Cheers RM, but it’s probably mainly observation than research; Pity Cameron did not do some more of the latter himself though…

    Although I have no doubt that Sonoo is also a good/decent person it is difficult to draw her out of her self-imposed ‘security bubble’ at times: Folks geberally just stick with “The Devil They Know” (or think they know anyway…)

    -Have to wholeheartedly agree with her previous sentiments about the Press not ‘stirring things up’ though (although it’s now way too late for that of course); Not just talking about the dire/destructive Daily Mail either, I am also referring to the ‘Social Media Targetting’ tactics; Google/FaceBook/Twitter/etc have increasingly replaced ‘Balanced Democracy’! (See ‘Trump’ for details…)

    1. red mirror

      yes swc the media at large now is pretty much defunct as a deliverer of unbiased truth based journalism in my opinion which is why i very much appreciate the iharrow and the people like yourself who really do i think try to bring logic truth and sense of humor to the table you do challenge me to see things from another angle and i am guilty of being one dimensional at times all the best rm.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Well I expect that’s the main point RM, we should all ‘stay challenged’ (otherwise we just tend to reinforce our own stereotypes…?); Still have not found anyone who can actually convincingly cheer me up about Brexit though (and believe me I have looked)! If I do I will report it here first though…

        Similarly ‘Fake News’ is not ‘new’ either of course: So much of it has a ‘spin’ (whereby only one side is presented); The BBC is (still) reasonably unbiased, fortunately (and most probably because they are not actually trying to sell anything): Shame about all their so-called ‘Reality TV’ though!

        1. Someonewhocares

          On the ‘humour’ point satire here has apparently died: Comedians seem fearful of commenting now: Decades ago ‘Spitting Image’ was quite good at making us see how empty some of our Politicians ideals really were: (Note: contains expletives !)

          (Even) more off-topic but the US is still really good at such satire – but they probably also need it (even) more too… Notably https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIkJIpGuIFg

          1. red mirror

            great links swc lol and yes i used to love spitting image too on the american side the late bill hicks and george carlin were brilliant i thought as you stated we in the uk could do with a comic maverick or two indeed thanks for the links have a nice day.

          2. Someonewhocares

            In fact I just realised where the Comedy mainly comes from now; The ‘Performances’ when ‘Manifestos’ are launched, notably those “Jam today and Jam Tomorrow” variants… !!

  23. Sonoo Malkani

    Pity some folk prefer to look at the ground instead of the stars at all times.It’s the half empty or full glass syndrome.ALL of us—including the Prime Minister— appreciate Brexit is NOT going to be easy.However,there’s no need to commit suicide,in a manner of speaking, and be lily-livered about facing up to difficult challenges.That is my humble submission for all those who feel they are incredibly well- informed and have all the answers to post-Brexit Britain.

    I cannot profess to be so sure and smug when we are navigating in territory hitherto never travelled.If only we had a Crystal ball—it would be so much easier!

    Anyway,I have learned that anything of value invariably demands a huge amount of hard work and tenacity.Only then can we look forward to reaping the benefits of fresh beginnings and,learn to let go of that which no longer is around.No need for gloom and doom!

    1. Someonewhocares

      And it is a really a pity that some folks have their ‘heads up in the clouds’ Sonoo!

      Thank you for your repeated empty and generalised platitudes: However what we ALL really need now are *practical* answers to specific problems not such philosophical nonsense. We need to look at the details in *everything* right now and indeed more than ever

      And, once again, NO-ONE knows what post-Brexit Britain will look like (and yet many voted for it based primarily on propaganda etc). If we are only optimistic we will be sadly disappointed too.

      And again there is no need to use Crystal Balls. (I realise you won’t but) talk instead to the long-term Economists and Specialists, NOT the short-term self-serving Politicians….

      Ah yes, ‘Hard work / Soldier on Regardless / Do as we are told’ etc etc: Fine, but then why do WE have to repair THEIR damage; Why do WE have to pay for THEIR stupidity?

      So how about we look at some details instead:

      You DO know that it was Theresa who thoroughly fouled up immigration controls in the first case, right? (I’m not just talking about ID Cards here, rejected b Cameron & Co. in 2010, I’m talking about this idiot (who was pensioned off early)

      It’s OK to say ‘let it go’ Sonoo but do you mean how THEY lets lots of illegal/immigrants just go off into OUR country? Yes, “Why do WE have to pay for THEIR stupidity?” indeed.

  24. Someonewhocares

    Another Practical Example for you: I spoke with a Junior Doctor recently: She explained how after 7+ years training, £70K+ of debt (plus long hours whilst qualifying aka exploitation) she would then be earning about £27K/year and somehow have to survive in London; There is a UK Doctor shortage and this is what we do? Any answers to THAT Sonoo? How did WE let this happen? How did we let these people down so badly?

    [Hint: Your optimism is wasted here, try some embarrassment instead]

    1. red mirror

      swc them figures are truly criminal wow i honestly wonder if it is a self destruct policy i mean who would be a doctor?well sonoo cannot fail to see the outrageousness with the example that you have represented i gave up on politics a long time ago was i wrong swc?could i and should i vote and try to make a difference ?i just despair at times i really do.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Unfortunately Sonoo can only see the ‘good news’ rather than ALL of it which is what is really needed (as distasteful as she may find it). Sadly such folks tend to ‘take a stance’ (often in
        isolation) and then stick with it *regardless* of all the truth/facts/evidence!

        -And your question about Politics would take quite a lot of answering RM. Our politicians (too) often really are “here today/gone tomorrow” (often to a highly-paid role in the City etc…). As we know Cameron is writing his memoirs in a bed in a shed in his back garden; He will also no doubt ‘re-write history’ and also make a good profit from ding this. That’s criminal too!

        The main problem is probably that we just tend to vote for people we like, rather than those who can actually do the job required. The other key problem is that our Politicians don’t really exist ‘in the real world’ and yet claim to know what it is like…. no – they don’t; Whether they really *care* either way is another matter/question entirely of course…

        1. red mirror

          yes swc the huge disconnect with mps and real life is one of the reasons i became a political atheist that and other realisations of covert agendas a long story i am afraid and yes i am sure good old cameron will make a packet from the book and after dinner speaking thanks for answering it really is a complex subject have a good day swc all the best.

    2. Someonewhocares

      Oh, dear, it seems that Theresa’s ‘personalised’ campaign letters have now arrived in West Harrow: Strangely it does not specifically mention Hannah D. at all – whereas Jeremy C. features several times.

      In case you have not seen it yet the first page is all about (…wait for it…) Brexit:

      1) “If we don’t get the Brexit deal right your economic security and prosperity will be put at risk….”
      2) “…(not voting for her) will threaten Brexit negotiations and every one of us will pay with higher taxes, fewer jobs, more waste and more debt..”

      Really? Who knew?

      No actual *Policy* information in it at all of course……

      Overall quite an amateur letter in fact but one that fits in well with her ‘Manifesto Launch speech’ that had a “6th-former-doing her first-ever presentation” flavour that was also frankly rather embarrassing. I expect the EU-27 laughed out loud at it though.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Now we have moved on from the ‘Coalition Chaos’ to ‘May’s Manifesto Mess’?

        How can anyone with common sense *not* realise how all this is really *not* helping her cause? Remarkably it seems she simply relies on just two key advisers for these vital Policy statements and decisions! What?? At the Press Conference today she was rattled -and as soon as the (sensible) questions started it seems there *may* be a cap on Social Care for older folks now after all (but we won’t find out the important details until *after* the election)!

        There will also be a Green Paper/”Consultation”: Is she serious? Yes, Theresa, we *are* that stupid (again)! And WHW has already covered the key points on all this above of course.

        And if this is the ‘right way’ to do it now then MAYbe we can all have a Green Paper on Brexit then too? Nice of TM to provide some more ‘amusement’ to the EU-27 though…

        1. Someonewhocares

          If you missed it: Not good….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgGDikcjRxI

          And she will simply lose votes if she goes after Jeremy C. *personally* every time, it is (or really should be!) about POLICIES not PERSONALITIES; This shows *fear not confidence* Theresa.

          The other repeated nonsense here is the “only the Tories are honest about the Challenges ahead” whilst in fact virtually everybody/party has also expressed serious concerns about the future…..

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