Apr 17 2013

All about… Allotment Plots in Harrow

allotment_harvestHarrow Council has 1398 allotment plots across the borough, spread across 33 different sites. With a 97% occupancy rate, allotments are clearly a pastime that hold residents’ interest!

Renting an allotment costs £42.60 a year for a full plot (10 poles or 250 square metres) or £21.30 a year for half a plot (5 poles or 125 square metres), with an additional charge for water of £21.30 or £10.65, depending on plot size.

Residents over the age of 65 or in receipt of benefits get a 50% discount.

You can find your nearest allotment, apply for an allotment or report an issue (vandalism, fly-tipping, etc) on Harrow Council’s website here.

With an allotment you get to produce cheap homegrown organic food, with the knowledge that it is fresher than any thing you can buy from a shop. Nothing compares to the taste of your own freshly picked tomatoes; full of vitamins, free from harmful chemicals and not genetically modified.

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