Feb 12 2012

All About… Harrow Art Society

Harrow Art Society is the oldest surviving art society in the area. It was founded in 1934 to promote interest in the arts in Harrow (North London) and held its first exhibition in December 1935.  Membership is open to artists from all disciplines in visual art, and costs just £22 a year.

From October until July there is a programme of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions, which are open to members and to visitors for a mere £2, so feel free to come and have a look.  For members there are also a series of all-day workshops, individually priced from £20 a time.

All members can participate in the two annual exhibitions and any other exhibitions arranged in the district from time to time:

  • The Spring Exhibition takes place in the Gayton Library in central Harrow, or in Stanmore Library.
  • The Annual Exhibition is usually held in October at the Harrow Arts Centre in Uxbridge Road, Hatch End.

Participation is non-selective… all members’ work is welcome.

The Society has a very wide cross section of both commitment and ability. There are professional and semi-pro artists, art teachers, and some very gifted amateurs, and there are people who have recently become interested in art and like the idea of getting together with like-minded people to see if they can have a go. There are members who have been coming along to workshops and have been encouraged and helped by their fellow members to produce some fine work.

If you are an accomplished artist already then you will benefit from the solidarity of the longest surviving art society in the area, and be able to exhibit your work in the annual exhibitions and on this website – we can also display your contact details and any links to your own website or to your profile page on MySpace etc.

If you are just considering becoming an absolute beginner, then why not venture to one of our lectures or demonstrations, no obligation, just to see what you think.

Art is not a competitive activity, it’s all about an inner journey and exploration of ideas. It doesn’t matter which end of the ability spectrum you feel you are at, meeting with other artists will always stimulate your creative flow.

We like a laugh as well…

To apply for membership or to enquire further about The Harrow Art Society, click here.

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