Dec 17 2013

All About… Harrow Equalities Centre

harrow_equalities_centreHarrow Equalities Centre is a human rights and equalities body that promotes justice and equality of opportunity between individuals and groups of people from different backgrounds.

Our targeted services are developed to achieve community cohesion, integration and a life free from discrimination and prejudice.

We are a single point of contact, bringing together equality and human rights experts to offer information and advice to individuals, businesses, voluntary and community organisations and the public sector. Our services reflect full range of equalities: Race, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability and Religion & Belief.

Harrow Equalities Centre aims to

  • Campaign for equality of opportunity
  • Work towards eliminating discrimination by advising / providing advice if appropriate
  • Promote good relations between all persons in the Borough of Harrow in terms of equality
  • Campaign and develop strategies to positively influence public opinion, legislation, practices and procedures in favour of all equality strands
  • Promote and raise awareness of all equality strands in Harrow
  • To work in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector bodies to implement the Equalities duties by taking a lead role in good practice and recommendations of good practice regarding equalities.
  • Work in partnership with other Equality Councils both regionally and nationally
  • Support members of the group to draw up and implement their equalities policy

We have developed and implemented a clear governance structure and a sustainable strategy for the new organisation through the following:

  • Creating a new Equalities body (Harrow Equalities Centre) which  aims to influence policy and practice in Harrow
  • Working in partnership with key organisation in Harrow providing mechanisms of engagement on all equality strands to statutory partners
  • Carrying out research and development work in partnership with local  stakeholders to identify gaps and gather knowledge
  • Developing proposals/ bids for joint work across all equality strands
  • Securing participation in appropriate partnerships such as Harrow Local Strategic Partnership Board
  • Maintain community engagement and leadership
  • Registered as a public limited company and  as a charity
  • Putting in place a transparent and accountable governance system
  • Supporting board members and staff in their new roles

For more information, visit their website here.

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