Sep 14 2015

All About… Harrow Film Makers

harrow_film_makersPreviously known as Harrow Cine & Video Society, Harrow Film Makers is one of the premier cinevideo clubs in the northwest London area, having started its life in 1951 as the Pinner Cine Society. This is our diamond anniversary year, celebrating a passion for movie making in all its aspects!

These days, of course, digital video rules supreme, and we have the most up-to-date projection equipment to view our members’ productions on a large screen, and to give friendly advice and instruction in video production.

We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in moving pictures, whether or not they are an active film maker, an absolute beginner or an experienced producer, director, cameraman or editor. We have several retired professionals amongst our members who can give advice on a variety of topics when asked.

The Society started life in 1951 as the Pinner Film Society, changing its name to the Pinner Cine Society two years later as members became more interested in making, rather than just watching films. For many years we met every Monday evening, originally in The Studio in Nower Hill, Pinner, moving in 1972 to the old British Restaurant in Pinner which occasionally became flooded, had little security and was gradually disintegrating.

16mm film , initially black & white and later colour, was the format used for Society and private productions, and one film called “Trial and Error” won a coveted ACW Ten Best Award in 1956. With the introduction of Standard 8mm and later Super 8mm, together with improvements in film stocks, these gauges became an acceptable cheaper alternative and they became very popular formats.

Towards the end of the 1980’s, advances in the field of electronics made it possible to produce video cameras for the domestic market, capable of producing videos of acceptable quality, and our members gradually turned to this new medium. We had been making videos for the Harrow Council and associated Societies for some years and in 1988 the Council opened the Harrow Arts Centre in Hatch End, Harrow. We were offered facilities in this new venue so, with sighs of nostalgia, we left our rapidly decaying home in the old British Restaurant in Pinner and moved to the new premises.

As most of our members lived outside the Pinner area and we now had prestigious new facilities with secure storage for our growing number of films, videos and associated equipment, we decided to change our name to the Harrow Cine & Video Society, before changing in 2015 to Harrow Film Makers.

In 1994 when Edgware and Kingsbury Movie Makers (formerly Edgware Amateur Cine Society) finally closed its doors, several of their members joined Harrow, bringing with them not only their expertise, but also the ‘Joe Kay’ interclub competition with Borehamwood Cine and Video Society.

Members range from the complete beginner to experienced professionals working in the industry, and you are welcome to come along for an evening to see if you would like to join.

Where: The Canons Room of the Harrow Arts Centre, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, HA5 4EA
When: Monday evenings from September to May, except Bank Holidays
Time: 7.45 for 8pm

  •  We make videos – club productions allow members to gain experience in all aspects of film making. Members also make their own films.
  • We have a twice yearly Public Show featuring members’ and club videos, and a newsreel showcasing local events.
  • We have talks from outside speakers and experienced members about films, film making, careers, and everything else video-related.
  • We watch showreels from other clubs and award winning videos from national competitions.
  • We have competitions – between members and inter-club between other clubs in the area.
  • We produce a Newsletter with reviews and technical articles
  • We have a YouTube channel featuring some of our videos
  • We sell old cine equipment and films
  • We have social events – a summer lunch and Christmas celebrations
The contact phone number is Geoff Foord on 020 8868 4021

Why not come along, follow up your interest in video making, and find out how to make something of that old footage on your camcorder!



You can visit their website here.

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