Aug 22 2013

All About Indiaah… Hindi Classes in Harrow Arts Centre

indiaahDo you know that London is approximately 4200 air miles away from New Delhi, India? So, does this distance stop us from learning and experiencing India’s culture?

Well, not when “Indiaah” is here to bridge the gap! At “Indiaah”, we help kids learn about India’s culture, heritage, festivals, geography and much more. Starting with the basics, our workshops teach kids to converse in Hindi and helps them in getting acquainted with India in a step by step manner through activities and events.

We conduct classes for two groups in each of the four terms that run throughout the year. Duration of each term is for three months. Our first batch is commencing from January 2013. The course is structured age wise, keeping a child’s learning abilities and preferences in mind. Please write to emailindiaah@gmail.com for start dates of the next fresh term or call 07712 571 307.

Group I – Ages 2.5 – 5

Kids start learning to communicate in these early years, therefore, its best to start early! Our workshops have some great activities that are specially designed to enhance the cognitive abilities of the little ones. Attend a launch session to know more about this.

Group II – Ages 6 – 12

During these formative years, kids are most curious about their surroundings. They are flexible to learn and adapt. We have designed our sessions in a way that kids have fun while they learn. There are regular tests during the session to gauge learning. Targets are set in the beginning of the term and are regularly monitored.

For more information, visit their website, here.

Sessions are held on Mondays from 4.15 – 5.15

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