Apr 23 2016

All About… Xcite Choir in Harrow

find_your_voiceA new 18+ choir called ‘Xcite’ is looking for participants in Harrow. The choir is completely free to join and is run by the arts-council funded organisation Find Your Voice (www.findyourvoice.org.uk). We are looking to bring the community closer with the choir, and improve the confidence and well-being of those who attend. You don’t have to be an amazing singer, the idea is to have fun, meet new people and try something new! The choir will begin to meet weekly at 7pm-9pm on Wednesdays from April 20th at Arc House (next to Harrow on the Hill station).

For enquires and enrollment please call 0207 837 8066 or email enquires@findyourvoice.org.uk.

Find Your Voice is a social enterprise formed with strengthening the youth voice, at its heart. We use youth centric contemporary music and spoken word based activities to deliver, employability, presentation, communication and community action based workshops, either as part of the music curriculum or an extended service. We have a proven track record in delivering targeted outcomes via high energy, holistic, contemporary workshops.

find_your_voice_2Find Your Voice set out to bring the breadth of experiences available in the private sector, into the public sector, expanding the world of our often disassociated and vulnerable participants. Our workshops address truancy, communication, presentation and confidence and by working alongside schools and colleges, we promote mutual trust and awareness within schools and local communities.

Music is just the starting point, personal, social and community achievement waits at the finish.

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