Oct 19 2013

Headstone North Website Launches

random_space_fillerGeorgia, from headstonenorth.co.uk, writes:

Finally a website for Headstone North.

Following on from the success of publications like ‘Your Pinner News’, and various sites for Belmont Circle and Harrow Town, here is a new site dedicated solely to Headstone North.

One of the toughest parts about being part of any community is having contact and communication with it. This new site intends to be your one stop shop to what’s going on within the ward but will encompass other issues impacting on the residents and businesses within Headstone North.

This is the first draft and I am so glad that you’ve taken a moment to come over and check it out. It will change and evolve as I learn how to operate WordPress, but there are things that will affect you happening right now so there was no time to get things perfect before ‘going live’. The information is the most important thing, how it is delivered is secondary and the delivery will most certainly improve with time.

I am intending to add a calendar of events so if you have anything you wish to advertise, should it be yoga classes or public meetings, please email me at headstonenorth@gmail.com and I will endeavor to put them up on this site.

There is no charge for this service, it’s just about sharing things happening within our community with all who wish to join in. Free events and community/charity events will receive top billing as after all, they are giving to our community and this is my way of giving back to them.

By the way, my name is Georgia, I live in Headstone North. If you want to find out more about me then go to the about me page. Hopefully I will have written it by the time you read this. If not then please try again later.

All the best,

Georgia x

It’s always good to see other community websites appear – we wish Georgia and headstonenorth.co.uk all the very best!

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