Jan 23 2014

Introducing … The Harrow Rubbish Diet Challenge

waste_dump2Introducing … The Harrow Rubbish Diet Challenge

Is your bin too full or too smelly? Or is there just too much stuff? The Harrow Rubbish Diet Challenge will solve all your waste problems!

The Rubbish Diet is like a free slimming club for your bin, shrinking what you send to landfill and saving you money!

The Diet is really easy to do – you keep track of what you throw away and then find ways of making that waste disappear by recycling it, reusing it or simply avoiding it all together. The diet is only 4 steps over 4 weeks – each week you get an email with great ideas to help you slim your bin. And Debra, your local Bin Dr is on hand to help
answer your rubbish questions!

Contact Debra, Harrow’s Bin Doctor at: bindoctorharrow@therubbishdiet.org.uk
Phone or text RUBBISH to 0750 3004099.

More details: www.therubbishdiet.org.uk @RubbishdietHA

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