Mar 19 2014

Team Reach – Raising Money for Wings of Hope

random_charactersTeam Reach is a group of six students from Merchants Taylors’ School who are currently in the process of trying to raise both awareness and funds for the Wings of Hope Charity.

Wings of Hope is an extraordinary cause, having established schools and educational centres in both India and Malawi, offering children there between the ages of 4-16 a free, culturally-expansive schooling.

In the last 4 months, they’ve organised a series of events and put to test several fundraising techniques in their spare time, having resulted in a current profit of £6,500, which they’d hope to add to in the near future, before finally forwarding this sum to the Charity.

Their success thus far has comprised a wide variety of innovation. Highlights include a Fresh, Hand-Squeezed Lemonade Stand outside Specsavers in Harrow; an exclusive Dinner and Dance with high class entertainment at Venue 5; a  Disco for teenagers to engage a wider audience; a Passion Juice Stall during the Northolt Garba Festival, as well as giving speeches to an accumulative total of around 30,000 people  to name but a few.

Some highlights:

On Saturday 1st March, Team Reach took advantage of a brilliant opportunity offered by the Wings of Hope Foundation, by going to the Wings of Hope Speed Mentoring 2014. It was more or less speed dating – with a work and higher education slant, wherein individuals could spend up to 10 minutes with various professionals for 6 of such periods. The tables that seemed the most popular with the Team were: Oxbridge and Higher Education, Investment Banking, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Accountancy. All in all, it was a very enriching experience from which we gained a great deal

On Tuesday 4th March Team Reach, who are raising money for Wings of Hope, were permitted to visit the Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Nana Asante.

Athishan V takes up the story: “The team made their way to the Harrow Civic centre after school to discuss their progress and future fundraising plans. Meeting with such a high profile figure, ensured that we could amplify our sphere of influence whilst gaining invaluable support and advice in furthering our ‘reach’ into the local community. Upon arrival, we were given an interesting talk into the symbolism behind Harrow’s insignia and as a local charity, we were granted permission to use it in our snapshot project, which is due in several weeks. We discussed the purpose and cause of the Wings of Hope Charity, which really conveyed how worthwhile and sophisticated this enterprise by Mr and Mrs R Sriram was. We later progressed into ideas into how we could really get Harrow involved in our next event, where we intend to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts by St Georges’ Shopping Centre. We were thankful for the numerous contacts, and emails that the Mayor so willingly provided, and we can only be appreciative that Her Worship even indulged us with some pancakes!”

He concludes: “We are truly grateful, that Her Worship, The Mayor of Harrow, was kind enough to see us and fit us in such a busy schedule. Her guidance has been invaluable and we are acting efficiently on her advice.”

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You can find out more about Team Reach on their Facebook page, here.

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