Sep 11 2014

Child Abuse in Schools: How to Claim Compensation

ibb_150x150With the terrible events of Soham slowly fading, the UK is shaken, once again, by the awful series of failures surrounding child abuse in Rotherham. We need no reminder that 1,400 children were abused over 16 years, and as the investigations rumble on, we hear nothing but mumbled apologies and those in power wringing their hands saying they had no idea.

IBB Solicitors, West London’s premier law firm, have produced a short video, outlining how they can help: compensation, damages, all of which can go some small way to helping an abused child on the way to recovery. Yes, the NHS provides some options, but often, perhaps, falling far short of what might really be needed.

IBB can be contacted on 08456 381 381 or by email at enquiries@ibblaw.co.uk.


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