Feb 06 2014

Barry Says: Cllr Navin Shah’s “Amnesia Gotten Worse”

cllr_barryDear Editor,

From his comments regarding the draft changes to the Mayor’s London Plan, it’s clear that Cllr. Navin Shah’s selective amnesia has gotten worse. To help jog Cllr. Shah’s memory: his own Labour administration consulted upon, drew up and submitted proposed changes to the Mayor’s London Plan in 2011 and 2012. The Heart of Harrow Area Action Plan, drawn up by Labour, proposed increasing from 1,500 to 2,800 the number of new homes to be built and increasing from 2,000 to 3,000 the number of new jobs to be created within the Harrow-Wealdstone corridor.

Harrow’s Conservative administration certainly shares Cllr. Shah’s concern that we avoid “unacceptable, badly designed high-rise blocks littering the landscape”; none of us wants that. Yet, poor design and high-rise often results when a dysfunctional local planning process makes life difficult and time-consuming for developers. In such circumstances, to make their developments stack-up financially, developers will cut costs by poorer design and lower build quality, whilst piling things higher. However, I’m delighted that there’s now a growing, cross-party consensus that Harrow is open for business; that we welcome good quality development for the new homes and new jobs it brings.

Yet, having been so quiet in 2012, when the Mayor green-lit the Labour Council’s draft Heart of Harrow proposals, Cllr. Shah has suddenly become quite vexed about those same proposals. Perhaps it’s because City Hall finally sees Harrow Council as being both credible and capable of delivering that growth in jobs and homes that Labour previously agreed. So, what’s changed since 2012? I suspect that what most vexes Cllr. Shah (and what he can’t forget) is that Harrow now has a Conservative-led Council; a Council which is delivering for the people of Harrow.


Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

Deputy Leader of Harrow Council

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  1. sonoo malkani

    As a long-term resident of Harrow I am sure most of us are delighted with the extra monies from City Hall which are helping Harrow to develop as we had hoped and to make it a vibrant economy and borough for all to enjoy.Encore!We need to attract monies to enhance the building of good quality homes which we need so badly.

  2. Jeremy Zeid - Chairman Harrow UKIP

    And nothing to do with Our Nav, having failed to get his Missus as Mayor, is relying on residents having short memories, and using other tactics to keep the sputtering Shah Star shining to get his daughter elected in his place in the Kenton East SciFi fantasy “Shah Trek- The Next Generation” or was that “Shah Wars – Attack of the Clones”

  3. Jeremy Zeid - Chairman Harrow UKIP

    Oh and to quote Columbo, “just one more thing……”

    3000 new jobs? Where, what and who is creating them? Hopefully NOT the Council or yet more betting shops, loan sharks, drinking holes, pawn brokers and takeaways.

    I have noticed several newly closed shops along the Harrow/Wealdstone/Weals corridor, and all of those long term empy office blocks in the town centre too.

    As for Barry’s comments re the quality of new homes, he is absolutely right. Our “planning” dept is a nightmare to deal with and the developers have got away with building low grade, under-sized, over-priced, poorly designed, “sustainable” (whatever that means) rathole, mould, damp and dustmite magnet, future-slums for far too long.

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