Jan 16 2013

Barry Says: Harrow Council for Justice – wrong name?

cllr_barryThe Harrow Council for Justice (HCJ) needs to consider a change of name.

On 10th January 2013, news broke that Labour’s Cllr. Brian Gate had accepted a police Caution for possession of indecent images of children, and had resigned from Harrow Council. The next day, the HCJ issued a statement condemning… the leadership of Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Susan Hall. The HCJ have form on this; the day news of Cllr. Gate’s initial arrest broke in October 2012, they issued a near-identical statement attacking Cllr. Hall. The HCJ has yet to comment on Labour Cllr. Gate’s criminal conduct.

Another Labour councillor, David Gawn, recently received concurrent ten-week sentences after admitting to two counts of fraud. He has, quite disgracefully, refused to stand down from the Council – despite the enormous breach of public trust in committing fraud agains a vulnerable resident. Again, the HCJ has yet to comment on Labour Cllr. Gawn’s criminal conduct.

However, rather than comment on matters of genuine public concern or condemn criminal acts committed against vulnerable people by those holding community leadership positions, the HCJ has instead pursued a personal, manipulative and dishonest vendetta against Cllr. Hall for over 18 months. You may have read their letters, or seen comments by their spokesmen who have refused all offers of meetings with us to discuss their concerns. You may even have visited their poorly-designed website, and noticed that they don’t have public meetings and represent the views of a mere handful of faceless individuals.

The HCJ proclaims it works for ‘social justice, for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the community’. When you next hear from them remember that the HCJ stayed silent when a Labour councillor admitted possession of indecent images of children; and remember that the HCJ said nothing about another Labour councillor convicted of fraud against a very vulnerable resident. Increasingly it seems that the apparently misnamed ‘Harrow Council for Justice’ doesn’t even know the meaning of justice.


Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group
Harrow Council

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  1. Melanie Lewis

    Quite right, Councillor Macleod-Cullinane is completely correct. The Labour party immediately kicked out Councillors Gawn and Gate. The fact that OUR Labour councillors in Harrow, are happy to work with paedophiles and convicted fraudsters, says an awful lot about the kind of people they are. As for paedophile Councillor Gate’s wife, also on the gravy train, how does that woman have the nerve to show her face in public. If she’d left her husband (as any normal wife would) than fine. But, she snuggles up next to her paedophile husband in bed at night, what does she say I wonder? “Shall we invite the grandchildren over tomorrow Brian darling?”. Yeuch, repulsive. By staying married to him she has given her approval to being a paedophile. GET HER OUT! I wouldn’t want to stand in the same room as her, or breathe the same air. The woman is as repugnant and morally devoid as her paedophile husband.Shame on Labour in Harrow! Shame on each and every Labour councillor in Harrow!

  2. morepowertothepeople

    I wholeheartedly agree with the story above! These faceless, perhaps one could also add spineless as they are keen to hide their identities, apart from Cllr Akhtar who was caught out, should shut this excuse of a website down! It looks awful, does not appear to represent the people of Harrow, and is mostly about attacking Susan Hall!

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