Aug 01 2013

Barry Says: HCJ is a source of ‘vile diatribes’

cllr_barryFor an “organisation” whose first stated aim on its poorly-designed website (www.hcrj.org.uk) is to “work towards creating a better society based on justice and equality”, the conduct of the so-called “Harrow Council for Justice” stinks.

The “HCJ” pretends that it’s a real organisation, working “towards removing the overt and covert barriers based on the hierarchy of culture, language, sex, religion, colour and class which systematically stop the vulnerable and disadvantaged people from equal access to the public or private services or from power sharing in socio-political and conomic[sic] fields”.

Nothing could be further from the truth; the reality is that the mis-named “HCJ” is nothing more than a faceless front that is being used to enable what appears to be one individual to cowardly pursue a private vendetta of hate and abuse against those he despises or falls out with, with the name “HCJ” being clumsily employed in a futile attempt to grant a thin veneer of respectability and credibility to his vicious and misogynistic rantings.

I’ve repeatedly emailed the “HCJ” asking for a meeting to discuss why the “HCJ” was pursuing its malevolent attacks upon Cllr. Hall – but to no avail; rather than meet and engage in meaningful dialogue, the “HCJ” has instead continued to pump out its vile diatribes.  Everything that I’ve seen points to Cllr. Husain Akhtar lurking behind the “HCJ” – a view widely shared on iHarrow. It is long past time that the so-called “Harrow Council for Justice” dropped the pretence.

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left” width=”30%”]Everything that I’ve seen points to Cllr. Husain Akhtar lurking behind the “HCJ” – a view widely shared…[/pullquote]I’ve previously pointed out on iHarrow (http://www.iharrow.com/barrysays/barry-says-harrow-council-for-justice-wrong-name/) that, for an “organisation” interested in justice and equality”, that supposedly “works towards improving the quality of life for vulnerable and disadvantaged people” and which is about “supporting and counselling the victims of injustice and representing them where possible”, the “HCJ’s” priorities are very strange – priorities that certainly do not ““work towards creating a better society based on justice and equality”.

The “HCJ” chose to remain silent when two Labour Councillors received serious criminal convictions, one for possessing child pornography and one for committing fraud against a very disabled resident; instead, the “HCJ” has continued to mount its abusive attacks upon those councillors – like Cllr. Susan Hall and Cllr. Zarina Khalid – who are genuinely working hard to better serve all of Harrow’s residents.

Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group
London Borough of Harrow

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  1. Chris Peacock

    “who are genuinely working hard to better serve all” – sums up the great post Barry! They are words that the HCJ and this Akhtar fellow should consider but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  2. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Thanks Chris! Most of your Harrow Councillors are working really hard and are trying their very best to serve the residents we were all elected to represent. A few though, woefully fall short – and some are not there who do not even try to serve the common good but instead advance their own, personal agendas to the detriment of Harrow and all our residents.

  3. Nims

    Very well said Cllr Macleod-Cullinane! Thank you very much for your post, it is time we brought the HCJ and that awful Husain down!

  4. Amna

    Totally agree Cllr! We need to praise hard working councillors like yourself and others and get rid of the evil ones like Husain.

  5. Praxis Reform

    Just an idea, but could someone bring a legal action for Passing off against this HCJ crowd? I presume it has no official connections with either Harrow Council or the UK justice system…

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