Apr 24 2014

Barry Says: Labour Can’t Count

cllr_barryBeing able to count and add things up is something I’ve always regarded as essential for doing important financial work like setting the council’s budget. But it seems Labour can’t add up; in fact, Labour apparently can’t even count past 2.

In a recent exchange on Twitter about this year’s council budget-setting, Harrow Labour Party made the astonishing claim that just 2 budget amendments were presented to the February Budget Council – the Conservatives’ and Labour’s.

labour_cant_countThere’s one problem here: there were actually 5 budget amendments presented and voted upon that evening.

There was the Conservatives’ (1), Independent Labour’s (2), the one from Cllrs. Bond and Noyce (3), Labour’s (4) and, finally, the joint Conservative/ILG compromise (5) budget amendment that eventually passed.

But Labour’s difficulty with maths doesn’t stop on Twitter: Labour has also distributed a nice glossy – and very expensive looking – booklet about their plans for Harrow, with yet another basic adding-up error.

As Cllr. Stoodley pointed out in “Labour’s literature doesn’t add up”, Labour’s claim to have frozen council tax 3 times is an outright lie.  When they ran Harrow Council, between 2010 and 2013, Labour passed 3 budgets.  Labour’s third budget, last year increased your council tax by 2%, with a further 2% rise planned for this year.

Labour’s inability to do basic arithmetic – such as counting as high as 3, 4, or 5 – is very concerning, especially when their self-proclaimed “financial wizard”, Cllr. Sachin Shah, admits he used Word rather than a spreadsheet like Excel to do their budget!

Indeed, it spoke volumes that, whilst the Conservative and Independent Labour Group leadership negotiated a Budget deal in the interests of Harrow’s residents, Labour ordered pizza.  Let’s just hope that they added-up their bill correctly.

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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    The same Cllr Sachin Shah who, in his alleged financial wizardry, wanted to continue to pursu the unwinnable case against Barnet FC’s planning permission issues at a risk to the Council Tax payer of at least £250,000 and a potential £half a million.

    1. Betrayed Camrose Ave resident

      Ha, ha Willy. Can you present the legal advice that was provided to Harrow Council on this?? Of course you can’t because it was only oral advice with no written audit trail provided.

      No wonder Queensbury and Edgware residents feel betrayed by the ILG sell-out on the Hive. Are Barnet FC sponsoring your boat now? Fortunately for Harrow the ILG boat you boarded last year is likely to be fully shipwrecked after 22nd May…

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Ha Ha Betrayed Camrose Avenue Resident – we asked two separate planning experts to defend that case and both said they’d be in breach of their professional code of ethics if they defended that case and refused to act for us. So what did you want the Council to do then – spend another £3,000 to get the same answer?

    Melanie – there’s no apostrophe in “its loosest”!

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