Aug 01 2013

Barry Says: Taxi-Card Hokey Cokey

cllr_barryOn the Observer’s front page (18 July), Cllr. Husain Akhtar derided Independent Labour’s cut in Taxi Card provision as ‘scandalous’. I know Cllr. Akhtar has exhibited all the political conviction of a windsock in a tornado of late, but it’s still surprising that he’s apparently forgotten voting for this ‘scandalous’ cut in Taxi Card provision. We’ve seen him do the hokey cokey between parties; now he’s completing the turn-around by disagreeing with himself.

Labour’s last budget, which the Conservatives voted against in February, contained a very clear £200,000 cut, labelled ‘restrict the issuing of Taxi Cards to only that which is available through TFL funding’. Then an Independent, Cllr. Akhtar voted for this budget, despite the background papers warning that changes to the scheme could result in reducing the number of trips or increasing the contributions paid by service users. It was therefore more than obvious what the impact of this budget cut was going to be.

After his latest defection, Cllr. Akhtar asked to be judged, not on his political manoeuvrings, but ‘on the support and service I provide to the residents’ – a service which he recently described as ‘outstanding’. I am therefore sure Canons and other residents will be looking very closely indeed at what service Cllr. Akhtar – the self-appointed champion of Taxi Cards – provided by voting to cut them.


Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group

Harrow Council

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  1. j p hobbs

    Perhaps Harrow council could put some of the £100,000 plus they get from just one of their stealth cameras at Harrow and Wealdstone station towards the cost of taxi cards for the elderly and infirm ? No I think not .
    Can anyone tell me why not one of the councillors that look on this forum have done or said anything whatsoever about this scandal surely it cant be a perk , can it ?
    sorry Jeremy I believe you have .

  2. john p hobbs

    Oh well now the National press are going to take this up maybe we may lose a few Fat cats and have a few blushing councillors . just right for the next elections , don’t say you were not warned
    You can ignore some of the voters some of the time but not all of the voters all of the time .
    I said I wouldn’t give up and go away .
    Over to you Praxis .

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