Feb 09 2017

Bob Blackman MP backs campaign for fair deal for drivers of diesel vehicles

bob_blackmanBob Blackman MP backs campaign for fair deal for drivers of diesel vehicles

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, is backing a campaign to make sure drivers of diesel vehicles get a fair deal – not higher taxes.

There are fears local authorities will copy a revenue raising scheme proposed by Westminster City Council to charge diesel vehicles 50% more to park.

A group of MPs, including Bob, signed a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond saying there are better ways of tackling air pollution that do not punish drivers.

The letter sent by Dover MP Charlie Elphicke, chair of the FairFuelUK parliamentary group, calls for a fair replacement scheme that encourages the adoption of electric cars. It argues that local transport authorities should be required to tackle highly polluting buses and taxis.

The MPs suggest the Government should support drivers in places like Harrow to be part of the change to cleaner fuels and a more successful, greener economy.

Commenting, Bob Blackman said: “It’s clear older diesel engine vehicles are polluting and action is needed to make sure we have clean air in places like my constituency of Harrow East. Yet demonising drivers of diesel cars by hitting them with higher taxes or parking charges is not the answer. It smacks of opportunistic greed and turning motorists into cash cows. That’s why I’m backing this campaign – to get a fairer deal for drivers in our area.”

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Anybody with an ounce of sense will back measures to help keep the environment greener,cleaner and help the economy.Harrow understandably wants it just as much as anyone else.Nobody in their right mind wants to add to pollution.

    That said,one must also consider the implications of suddenly hitting diesel car/vehicle/ owners with higher taxes or additional parking charges.People are already under pressure knowing full well that a hike in Council Rates is definitely on the cards.Anything upto 5%.We all hear the daily news.Prices of goods and food stuffs also look set to go up.Many are on low incomes or are Old Age Pensioners who would be hard hit by all these price rises in the pipeline.

    It’s only fair and proper that one allows diesel car owners a chance to explore other options and consider changing their vehicle.Many may not be in a position to afford it.Is there any scheme to encourage or support those who wish to do this?This must be thought out well for it to be a success.

    I would love to have all diesel vehicles off our roads pronto.However, this would have major financial implications for many—especially if you owned a fleet of vehicles.Business would be adversely affected hitting our economy hard.Harrow is trying to attract more business and more people to move here.Penalising a certain section of the population would definitely dampen inward investment and cause much resentment.

    People should not be clobbered with more taxes or parking charges like the one proposed.Harrow Council Rates are already among the highest in the country.We should be mindful of increasing the burden on our drivers who also pay more for fuel at the pump today.One needs to strike a fair balance.This should come into effect gradually, so people may have a chance to swap to petrol driven vehicles.We have duty to protect and clean our environment as this would help us be more healthy.Slow and steady should be the motto.

    I must admit not being an expert on the matters discussed above but definitely do not want Harrow drivers to be used as “cash cows” which is what I fear our local Council may be tempted to do.Let’s just watch this space.

    Westminster City Council is unique when you consider the traffic going through it.It is comparitively a much more affluent borough.We need not be copy-cats and follow in their footsteps.

    Harrovians and their drivers deserve a decent and fair deal which is what is needed locally.Sincerely hope our Local Authority does not rush in where angels fear to tread.The feelings and needs of our people must be paramount when making decisions of this kind.

  2. Someonewhocares

    Well Car Tax is based on engine emissions, so there is already precedent to base fees on such pollution of course. The problem is Gordon Brown encouraged folks to buy Diesels in 2009 because their ‘Carbon Footprint’ was less than Petrol engines. Too bad no one listened to those *actual* environmental experts who ‘what about all the other nasty stuff Diesels produce (particularly particulates)’?

    -Yes, yet another example of clueless ‘leaders’ encouraging us to do things which then turn out to be bad (but then they won’t actually accept the blame or the costs of THEIR errors)

    Thus if the DVLA don’t put up the Car Tax for Diesels then Councils will exploit this instead, of course (and then claim to be ‘helping the environment’, just like all the plastic bag nonsense)

    -Wonder why they don’t fine VW (and others) huge amounts for lying to us? Ah yes, VW (and others) will then just put up their prices (and blame it all on Brexit now too!)

    Either way Governments and/or Manufacturers make mistakes and tell lies and then WE pay for them!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Forgot to mention that ‘duty’ (ie. TAX) on Fuel is just shy of 75%.
      If we all ‘go electric’ what will the Government do then?

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