Apr 10 2014

Bob Blackman MP Calls on Harrow Council to Enforce Planning Permission for The Hive

bob_blackmanLocal MP Bob Blackman has called on Harrow Council’s Planning Committee to stand firm against pressure from Barnet FC to allow retrospective amendments to the planning permission for The Hive on Camrose Avenue in Edgware.

Local residents have been disappointed by the news that the enforcement notice served by Harrow Council in September has been withdrawn amid concerns about an estimated £300,000 legal fee.

Bob commented, “Residents’ lives are being needlessly blighted by the oversized floodlights and West Stand, both of which far exceed the agreed original planning permission, and Barnet FC are showing a staggering contempt for their concerns by refusing to correct these issues and for pursing legal action instead. It would be a travesty and a betrayal at this stage for the Planning Committee to accept their retrospective amendments. It would also set a very poor precedent for future developments, sending a message that Harrow residents cannot rely on the Council to enforce their planning permission decisions.”

The Planning Committee are due to meet next week to consider the matter.

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  1. John Clement

    This person is merely interested in winning a few votes. If it is in a politicians “ibest interests” they are only too happy to allow developers to ride rough shod over the community. It is utter nonsense to say thatt residents lives are blighted. There are countless other far worse examples of blight in Harrow. My area for instance has been turned intio a slummy ghetto, no doubt by the tpe of people who are so against any sort of community activity such as a football club.

  2. j p hobbs

    Yes i hope he has more influence than he did getting a reply from Harrow about the stealth camera at Harrow and Wealdstone station , that was ZILCH .

  3. j p hobbs

    Sorry i must add at least he tried where as the other three i asked didn’t even bother , smells a bit of one for you three for us , soon to be released as Millergate the full story .

  4. John Clement

    I object to any further urbanisation in Harrow, because that will be a blight every single second of my life. The Hive is only used for a max of 80 hours a year and the floodlights are on for a fraction of that. Many of the “residents” objecting are responsible for the overcrowding of Harrow & the swamoping of services and the massive decline in community standards and values, so I have no sympathy whatsoever for them.

  5. CamroseRob

    The council has recieved no complaints regarding floodlights or the stand. They have only recieved 1 complaint about parking on matchdays.
    Truth is the experience of what happens is undermining Bobs and the councils argument. So much so that the original decision to refuse is now on very dodgy ground and they find themselves no longer able to put forward a reasonable defence at the tribunal.

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