Jul 01 2014

Bob Blackman MP Celebrates Rath Yatra with Local Hindus

bob_blackmanOn Sunday 29th June, Hindus gathered in Queensbury Park to celebrate Rath Yatra.

The Hindu festival literally involves transporting deities on a chariot which represents the annual journey of the deities to their aunt’s house. The festival originated in Puri in the State of Orissa. The rath (chariot) is carrying Lord Jaggannath and due to its massive size and weight and sometimes seemingly unstoppable nature, has led to the English word juggernaut to refer to an unstoppable force. Very sadly, accidents involving people being crushed under the wheels of the chariot have also occurred a few times.

The chariots were blessed by Hindu priests before setting off on a journey through part of Harrow eventually arriving at Stanmore Temple.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East & Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Hindus, was present for the blessing of the chariots and took part on the procession together with the mayor of Harrow and local Councillors Mani Kara and Kanti Rabadia.

Bob Blackman commented, “This was a joyous occasion for all Hindus and allowed the deities to be processed through local streets. The parade was colourful and conducted in a good spirit. I was privileged to lead the parade as well participating in the service of blessing for the deities before the procession began. It is important that the vibrant community in Harrow can all join in these celebrations as we promote greater understanding of all religions locally.”

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Very pleased that MP Bob Blackman and Cllr Manji Kara joined this historic procession.So sorry I could not manage the walk and missed the privilege of participating and invoking blessings of the deity.The more our communities are able to join in the festivities the better for our community since it helps us appreciate each other’s culture and customs more meaningfully.Good to know that recently elected Councillor Kanti Rabadia also had the opportunity to take part in he procession.

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