Aug 21 2013

Bob Blackman MP concerned about Anmer Lodge development

bob_blackmanAs further details about the agreement between Harrow Council, Notting Hill Housing and Marks & Spencer with regards to the redevelopment of Anmer Lodge are released, concerns are being raised at the lack of detail about the level of housing to be built.

A 15,000sf Marks and Spencer’s Simply Food Store will be integrated into the development, along with 151 car parking spaces, but there is as yet no further detail on what the housing situation will be. As the area is already subject to heavy traffic, with supermarkets on Stanmore Broadway, the increased population may have a significant impact on residents.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, said: “Questions remain about the actual amount of housing intended for this site. Harrow Council failed to provide a planning brief for this project so the building agreement has been put into place without any guidelines as to the density of homes on this site. I am concerned that, without these safeguards, it could be a potential nightmare for current local residents.”

A statutory consultation has been promised, with early designs being provided to councillors, stakeholders and the general public in September. There is also concern, however, that the agreement has been reached prior to planning permission being given.

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  1. Toran Rai (@torankrai)

    M and S should build it in open space or house it in shopping centers. i have never shopped in mands. I don’t like them!

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