Dec 17 2013

Bob Blackman MP Concerned about London Brocos RL Plans

bob_blackmanHarrow East Member of Parliament Bob Blackman has demanded answers from Harrow Council and Barnet Football Club, following the announcement that London Broncos RL will play their home games from next season at the Hive.

As the landlord to the Hive, Harrow Council have the power to stop any further clubs playing on the Hive site. The contract signed previously between Barnet FC and the Council stipulates that no other professional club can play home matches on the site.

Speaking following the decision, Mr Blackman said: “I am angry and concerned more so than ever by the actions of Barnet Football Club, coupled with the seeming inertia once again displayed by Harrow Council. Residents, who were of the understanding just months ago that no professional sports fixtures would be taking place there, now face all year round disruptions locally from traffic, parking congestion, and noise and light pollution on matchdays.

He continued, “Harrow Council, despite being the landlord for the site, have found themselves given a backseat role throughout this episode, while Barnet FC take control. We now have a football team from a different borough and a rugby league team with no previous link to Harrow playing in the borough, and it has been achieved all too stealthily by Mr Kleanthous. The standard of consultation of Harrow residents has been at best minimal, and we now have a situation where the welcome mat seems to be out to allcomers.

Concluding, he said: “Demand on the facilities continue to rise, a public inquiry to the enforcement notice in place is on the horizon, yet Mr Kleanthous seems to still regard rules, procedure and the views of local residents as issues only applicable to other people. I urge Harrow Council to take a stand here and remind Barnet FC of what was contractually agreed, and who is the landlord to whom.”

London Broncos’ first home game in the Super League is on 22nd February, against Salford Red Devils.

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  1. John Clement

    Blackman is so concerned about residents -I wonder what his views are on expanding Heathrow, which will be far more damaging to residents lives -but they are not voters in Harrow. The political viewpoint is why have playing fields and sports when there are £m to be made by developers and those who favour them. The Hive causes minimal disruption to residents and no diminution whatsoever to the quality of life. Just do what is right for once instead of prostituting yourself for a few votes. The demographic in the area wont vote Tory anyway.

  2. CamroseRob

    The contract defines professional club as being one playing League 2 football and above. Yet again this shows that in your rush to gain votes the truth has fallen by the wayside.

    Neglecting to look at the details of the planning application and see what many local residents now accept are improvements to what had been previously approved is slowly but surely turning the tide against this campaign of ignorance that you continue to peddle.

  3. anonymous

    This is why we are so vehemently fighting the development of Whitchurch Playing Fields. I cannot understand residents who naively believe they will get ‘first pickings’ or a ‘local, community rate’ if they support the Consortium. They are laughing at your naivety. Ask any of the local groups that had similar promises made to them if they supported The Hive. As the saying goes; fool us once-shame on you. Fool us twice-shame on us.

  4. Sam

    Mr Blackman has been so concerned about the developments, that he claims were “achieved all too stealthily by Mr Kleanthous” – and claims he only heard about last week on twitter – it should be pointed out has been in the national papers since May.


    Perhaps he should stop concerning himself with issues outside the area and spend more time finding out what is happening in the area he proclaims to be concerned about. This is not new, or news. I’m disappointed that Mr Blackman has been so poorly informed about what is going on, and he had to wait for a passing bandwagon. But that’s what he is – a politician more concerned about making a headline with elections coming up.

  5. David Watkins

    Mr Blackman how about worrying more about the liberties some of your fellow politicians are taking and less about stirring up trouble in harrow in a desperate attempt to get some votes from people foolish enough to believe you.

  6. Joss

    So the local residents get a first class facility for playing a range of sports on both natural and artificial grass, a gym, a cafe/restaurant, a lot of new employment opportunities, a community football club to support/watch, and now a top division rugby league team to watch/support. And Mr Blackman seems to think this is a bad thing? I’m confused. I mean, what’d this man say if the land was actually used for something bad? Like a polluting factory, a rubbish dump, or some kind of tented community?

  7. David Nickolls

    In light of the views expressed in this article I have only two words to describe Mr Blackman – miserable killjoy. What about the entertainment value, community amenities and employment opportunities offered by the Hive? And where is the EVIDENCE of disruption to local residents?

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