Aug 02 2013

Bob Blackman MP ‘disappointed’ by Hive indecision

bob_blackman3Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has expressed frustrated at the chronic indecision shown by Harrow Council in relation to the ongoing planning saga at the Hive on Camrose Avenue.

A council meeting on Thursday 1st August about whether to approve amendments to the planning agreement originally sought by Barnet FC has reached no verdict on planning issues, including an alteration to the height of the floodlights, and this is causing a great deal of upset to local residents.

Following the meeting, Bob Blackman said: “I am very disappointed that local residents continue to be let down by Harrow Council’s inability to make this decision. The Hive project has been carried out without due planning process or adequate dialogue with the local community. It is quite amazing and deeply concerning that Harrow Council failed to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment, leading to this stalemate.”

Barnet FC’s first competitive fixture at the Hive will be against Chester next Saturday 10th August. Bob Blackman also questioned the wisdom of allowing Barnet FC to continue to run matches before this matter has been settled, and has urged Harrow Council to convene another meeting as soon as possible.

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