Feb 07 2014

Bob Blackman MP Hails Free Parking Deal for Harrow

bob_blackmanBob Blackman, Member of Parliament for Harrow East, has warmly welcomed the announcement from Conservative-run Harrow Council that free 20 minute parking will be introduced across Harrow.

The previous Labour administration on the Council performed a trial of the free parking offer in Rayners Lane, but did not take steps to prevent abuses of the system, causing enormous parking problems after motorists claimed unlimited free parking tickets.

Bob Blackman, said: “This is excellent news for local shopkeepers and shoppers all across Harrow. Congratulations must go to the new administration on Harrow Council for bringing this option forwards in a careful and considered manner, ensuring a newly secure and usable system that will prevent abuses and doing so in a manner which is affordable.”

The new system will be rolled out within the next four months. Each motorist will be able to get 20 minutes free parking once a day in Harrow by inputting their vehicle registration number to a ticket machine and retrieving their free pass.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    A very welcome move and much fairer ,since it applies to the WHOLE borough.Music to the ears of local businesses and shop-keepers and a boost for the purse of our residents as well.As a Rayners Lane resident, I had found this free trial most helpful ,when popping out to pick up a newspaper,pay bills or maybe pick up basic groceries.

    Of course,it’s only natural Harrovians will probably want much more than 20 minutes free parking,particularly if we happen to have a task which might take longer .Still I am very pleased at least we can get the first 20 minutes FREE OF CHARGE.All adds up.Every penny counts.

    It would be most helpful if Harrovians could hear and appreciate exactly HOW much this has cost our Local Authority,before we start clamouring for more!Some folk don’t stop and think about these things ,and have no idea about these complex issues.We need to educate the public about COST IMPLICATIONS.

    Ideally,if we focus on recovering precious monies from FRAUDSTERS and make other prudent savings we might be in a position at some point in the future,to extend this to 30 minutes!One can live in hope and work towards this.

    I am sure the usual cynics will surface and bang on about the local elections and “have a go “at the Tories no matter what they do.Most humble citizens are not overly bothered about local politics.They just want to get on with the business of making two ends meet.

    Harrovians merely want to feel benefits which help make our lives just that bit easier and encourage trade which in turn will help boost our economy.Something we ALL really must try our best to support ,in whatever measure we can,so that the encouraging economic news of the UK confirmed by many independent analysts the world over is boosted further–one step at a time.

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