Dec 10 2013

Bob Blackman MP Praises Police as Crime Falls in Harrow

bob_blackmanBob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has welcomed figures released by The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) showing that crime levels in Harrow are the third lowest in London, and have also gone down compared to figures for last year.

Data comparing clear up rates, which is the figure for when an individual or group have been charged in relation to a crime, show an improvement of 4.5% from the same time last year.

Bob Blackman, said: “There has been a lot of scaremongering of late about crime in our area, but these figures prove that Harrow has never been safer and continues to be one of the best places to live in London, with clear up rates improving year on year. I have regular meetings with Chief Superintendent Ovens, the Borough Commander of Harrow Police, and must congratulate him for his strong leadership and enormous commitment to the job. Our local police officers really do deserve the highest of praise for the exemplary work they do.”

Harrow Police are currently busy recruiting officers as part of a promise by the Borough Commander to have a record number on our streets by March next year.

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  1. submit as ANGRY RESIDENTS

    I agree with yr comments Bob the police are doing great job in harrow even with all the cuts
    the public also are doing their share with champions specials and reporting incidents to the police for action.
    but there is still 1 major problem for the public ,that is reporting to the police
    101 often means leave a message not have a conversation to an officer.
    the S Harrow police stn has i small reporting desk holds about 4 people,can wait 40 mins just to get seen and prob 10 mins to discuss yr problem.
    NO street parking not even parking meters ,if you cant get in you stand on the pavement outside. and not everyone in the borough can travel to S HARROW (large borough)
    BUT HARROW COUNCIL had the answer a cabin in ST ANNES where people could visit easily good transport and food outlets( in the ctr of the borough ) and short stay whilst shopping and no parking problem
    ..EXCELLENT but was closed for 2 yrs now removed at what expense ?????
    So the answer seems to be open single shop in HARROW (many still vacant) arrange like the ONE SHOP (CIVIC CTR) 4 desk with advisors 30 waiting seats and open 7 days week
    everone can plan there visit whilst in the town
    COSTS low could be run by volunteers like PINNER POLICE STN Many retired, redundant people volunteer with training and enjoy helping the police, but not if you cant go to them,
    lets hope a new police advice ctr will open in harrow in the new yr

  2. sonoo malkani

    At the Harrow Police & Community Consultative Group(HPCCG) public meeting,held at the Civic Centre, on December 3 the Borough Commander of Harrow,Simon Ovens and Senior Police Analyst,Sunil Galoria gave us the good news that Harrow’s crime rate was declining as planned —the top cop is working his way up ,with his senior management team and our bobbies pounding our streets to making Harrow the safest London borough.We still have some way to go but should we not be pleased that our crime figures are going down while our status in the league table for safety is rising!We cannot wait to be the top performing borough,as we were seven years back.

    The members of public grilled the Borough Commander about some crimes which need reducing further, but overall were very pleased with what they heard and saw.

    We can’t wait for the additional 40 or so more police officers who will be joining us to complete our complement by the end of this financial year.These new recruits will be sent for a period of “learning the ropes” to serve on our local Safer Neighbourhood Panels so that they learn first-hand about local criminals and crime and also the needs of our local residents and traders.After gaining local knowledge these cops will be given other duties to patrol and protect our borough.It is your duty to give support and intelligence to your local Police and neighbourhood champions and be an exemplary citizen.

    This is a period of huge change which is unsettling,especially ,since the HPCCG will be closing its doors,like all other London Community Engagement Groups,on 31 March.We are in a period of transition and will see the Safer Neighbourhood Board(SNB) coming on stream on April 1,London-wide.Please attend the last HPCCG meting which will be held towards the end of March.The date and venue will be publicised nearer the time.Come and hear first-hand what is in place and make your concerns heard.The Borough Commander will be there and is keen to win your support to make ours the safest London borough.A vision we ALL have on our wish-list!


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