Jan 28 2014

Bob Blackman MP Praises Work of Local Homeless Shelter

bob_blackmanHarrow East Member of Parliament Bob Blackman paid a visit to one of Harrow’s homeless shelters, run by the FirmFoundation charity. The charity has grown to accommodate the increasing numbers of single homeless across Harrow, with FirmFoundation receiving 143 referral’s since April 2013 and opening four night shelters in the area since 2010.

Historically the work of FirmFoundation has been in providing Harrow’s Winter Night Shelter; a ten bed, dormitory style shelter which runs for twelve weeks, January to March. This year’s shelter opened with a full allocation of bed’s and a waiting list. During its first week one guest had secured accommodation and was assisted with his move.

Bob Blackman, said: “I cannot praise the work of the FirmFoundation enough in helping people who need it the most to shelter through the winter months. I’m glad that £400million was allocated to local councils and voluntary sector partners to spend on homeless prevention between 2011 and 2015 by this Government, and I am also pleased that the Government will be investing an additional £1.7million into a new scheme to support local councils to deliver a Gold Standard homelessness prevention service.”

Julian Saunders, the Charity Manager, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Mr Blackman to the shelter and to discuss the issues the charity faces in going ahead. FirmFoundation has grown to meet the needs of Harrow’s homeless but the numbers are increasing. It will require a co-ordinated effort if we are to support those individuals who are at their most vulnerable long term.”


FirmFoundation also runs the weekly homelessness drop-in at Victoria Hall on a Wednesday, which runs between 2-4pm. This service is also attended by other partners working with single homelessness and most of their referrals are from this.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    So, Bob thinks the homeless shelter is doing a marvellous job… Therefore, I’m astonished that just the other week, he was one of the MPs who voted AGAINST investigating food banks use and UK hunger… Electioneering anyone?

  2. j p hobbs

    Yes Praxis one or two of them we havnt heard of for ages are starting to put letters in the local papers , nudging up to the starting tapes , even the guy that told me he couldnt say too much about the STEALTH CAMERA , because he didnt want to upset the opposition whose ward it is in because he wouldnt like them to do it to him has appeared from nowhere suddenly .in the local paper .

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