Jul 09 2013

Bob Blackman MP questions Harrow Council’s development plans

bob_blackmanBob Blackman MP questions Harrow Council’s development plans Harrow Council has approved plans which designate the car parks at Stanmore and Canons Park stations as potential sites for residential development.

As part of the borough’s Local Plan, the two sites have been identified as sites which could host over 60 new properties in total. The Council has asserted that any development would require ‘re-provision of car parking capacity on the site or elsewhere’ but local MP Bob Blackman is concerned by the possible outcomes.

“I have been calling for increased parking capacity at Stanmore and Canons Park Stations for some time. Mid-week commuters and weekend passengers travelling to Wembley and Central London put great pressure on the existing capacity. These plans offer, at best, only what is there already, which is simply not good enough. Add to this Harrow Council’s poor track record on utilising land for the public good and I am even less convinced by the merits of these plans.”

The plans are likely to cause further friction between residents living near Canons Park Station and Harrow Council. The development of the Hive combined with a newly introduced CPZ in Donnefield Avenue has already put pressure on parking and congestion in the area. The addition of multi-storey flats along Donnefield Avenue could therefore exacerbate this.

Although the plans have been agreed by Harrow Council to designate the sites for development, any proposals to do so would require planning permission. The site proximity to London Underground infrastructure could also disrupt any potential development.

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  1. j p hobbs

    OUTBLOODYRAGEOUS , demolish the civic centre and make it a car park go the whole hog , this lot have no consideration for Harrow people , get them out quickly . I suppose it will help the soon coming millions of Albanians and Romanians…. more labour voters .

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