Jul 01 2014

Bob Blackman MP Urges Holidaymakers Not to Travel Uninsured

bob_blackmanLocal MP, Bob Blackman, today warned constituents about the dangers of travelling uninsured as research from ABTA – The Travel Association revealed that almost one in three (29%) of Londoners travel abroad uninsured. In support of a campaign by ABTA – The Travel Association and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Bob is urging holidaymakers in Harrow East to be prepared for their travels abroad and ensure they are properly covered.

Travelling abroad uninsured can cost thousands if a trip goes wrong, yet according to new research by ABTA – the Travel Association over a third (37%) of Londoners who travel uninsured don’t think it is necessary to take out insurance when they travel overseas, often leaving their families to pick up the pieces. 15% of people also think that a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) acts as a full insurance policy when abroad. However, an EHIC only provides access to state medical care in the European Economic Area and does not cover other costs such as bringing the individual back to the UK.

Worryingly 1 in 10 (10%) of people surveyed wrongly presumed that all of their treatment costs would be covered by the UK Government if they had an accident or fell ill while abroad.

In reality it is the holidaymaker or their family who will pick up the bill if they are not covered, and this can range from £500 to treat a sprained ankle in a popular holiday resort like Corfu, £15-20,000 for a scheduled flight, stretcher and medical escort from Australia and £40,000 to treat a broken leg in the USA2. Serious injuries can also lead to bills of thousands of pounds which can rapidly escalate to very substantial sums – and this is before the added cost of relatives flying out and staying in-destination to accompany a loved one.

Bob said: “We all look forward to our well-deserved summer holiday. However, medical costs arising from uninsured accidents abroad can be very significant indeed. In in addition to the worry over a sick or injured relative, it is often families who are presented with the bills, and the added stress of covering these. It is very important that we make sure that when we do travel overseas, we are covered if something goes wrong. It is just not worth taking the risk. Travel insurance really is a travel essential, that is why I am very happy to support this campaign and urge all my constituents to take out travel insurance this summer.”

ABTA has an advice section on travel insurance for consumers. Visit www.abta.com/travelinsurance for full details.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    So glad this has been high-lighted just as we approach the summer holidays.Many are rather lax about paying the premium for travel insurance and assume,,because they have got away with it on previous occasions,that they will not require this.How wrong they can be!

    I have heard of many cases where the horrendously high bills from lack of proper travel insurance has landed many families in debt and caused much grief.Believe me,it is a FALSE ECONOMY to not include this as part of the cost of your holiday.Great way of buying peace of mind!Happy holidaying.

  2. Mike N

    I can’t believe there are so many stupid people out there! 1 in 10 who think that the UK tax payer will pick up the bill if they fall ill abroad. Also 15% who think that the free EHIP card is full travel insurance. Incredible.

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