Jan 06 2014

Bob Blackman MP Welcomes £214,414 Boost to Harrow under New Homes Bonus


Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has welcomed a recently announced package of £214,414 for Harrow as part of the Government’s New Homes Bonus scheme for local councils.

The New Homes Bonus is designed to ensure that councils which promote and welcome local growth can share in its economic benefits and fully support the communities in which people want to live and work. Councils are free to spend the Bonus as they choose, including on providing new facilities, protecting frontline services and freezing council tax.

Bob Blackman, said: “This resources will give Harrow Council a great boost to improve local services and better serve our community. Since the Conservative group took over control of the council recently, it has been a case of fighting to pull services back from the precipice of a financial black hole, so this extra assistance from the Government is very welcome. Local residents deserve nothing less.”

This extra infusion brings the total amount of funds provided to Harrow over the course of the scheme to nearly £3 million.

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  1. John Clement

    Excellent please make the cheque payable to me as compensation for reducing one of the nicest places to live in London to a dirty, overcrowded, high crime, polluted 3rd world slum which will have no countryside when we build all over it.but then I assume Blackman lives somewhere nice and doesnt have to put up with this.

    1. PROUD to be Harrovian

      I dont think John Clements needs to have the cheque made payable to him as his comments are very rude and offensive .If he feels and believes that HARROW is a third world slum ,he needs to look at the facts before he starts typing his thoughts or feelings,which are questionable to say the least.Crime has been reduced,streets are cleaner ,illegal workers have been found,brothels shut down ……the list goes on ,so John C wake up and smell some coffee ,as it seems you are not up to date with the news unless you have moved to a third world slum…

  2. Dame Betty

    Please clarify what you mean by “3rd world slum”. As far as I am aware there is only one world, and where there are human beings there is the good, the bad and the ugly. It is useful to make points without being offensive. Most people will agree that it is unhelpful to turn any place into a dirty, overcrowded, high crime area with no countryside, and that there is value in preserving green spaces.

  3. j p hobbs

    Well John it could be worse, imagine living by the coast that is erroding so quickly that the houses are dropping into the sea , its because the councills have nicked all the sand to build houses for the Romas and Bulgas
    Betty they are all sending their bad and ugly to live in the UK thats why crime is rising in the UK and falling in most other countries . Welcome to the madhouse .

  4. sonoo malkani

    Hearty Congratulations Bob.Very welcome news..Every pound we receive to boost Harrow’s funds and help our communities is most welcome.I am appalled by the negative comments which some take so much delight in posting and feel rather annoyed they expend so much energy talking our borough down.It seems to be their favourite pastime.”Dame Betty” is right.Calling us a “Third World Slum is totally unfair and paints a distorted picture of our borough.It’s downright insulting!

    Let’s be honest and state the facts accurately.We are NOT a”high crime,polluted 3rd world slum”.There are pockets of crime and deprivation which are being focussed on by the local Metropolitan Police and our Local Authority.Takes time and effort to work through such complex issues.Harrow is working hard to attack these problems and find sustainable solutions.Please be more constructive and try to help those who are doing their best to turn things around.

    I urge all those denigrating Harrow to get off their high horses and climb down and help local citizens by serving in MEANINGFUL ways.Only then will things turn around!

    Search your own hearts and ask what YOU are doing to contribute to the improvements you seem to desire so passionately!ANYTHING of value has to be worked for,nurtured and cherished.Only then will it realise its full potential.You know that!!

    jp hobbs is right to remind you how lucky we are not to have suffered as some have done in storm battered Britain.Ask them how they feel.Learn to count your blessings and be loyal to the borough you have enjoyed thus far.

    1. Linda Robinson

      So Harrow gets £214,000 under “New Homes Bonus”, and Barnet gets £8.2 million, according to Today’s London Housing news

      It doesn’t sound to me like Bob’s got much to crow about in comparison.

      [Edited to fix the broken link – Paul]

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    Suggest you join Harrow’s Voluntary Neighbourhood Champion Scheme. Neighbourhood Champions take responsibility for reporting incidences in their street. Examples of things to report are: potholes, fly tipping, street lights that are out, abandoned cars, over grown hedges etc. If your street is clean and tidy it shows that the things listed above will not be tolerated by the residents of that street. If every street in Harrow has a Champion the place will be clean and tidy.

    To paraphrase John F. Kennedy – And so, my fellow Harovians ask not what your borough can do for you; ask what you can do for your Borough together we can make a difference.

    Harrow council
    ar actively recruiting champions. For more details email Neighbourhoodchampions@harrow.gov.uk. Alternatively you could telephone the Civic Centre whom I am sure would provide details.

    1. Harrow Dude

      Surely you don’t need the title of Neighborhood Champion to report these things. Any resident can report problems in their street…or any other street for that matter by contacting the Civic Centre 0208-863-5611. Admitted you won’t get a shiny badge or a flowing cape, but you will get a warm glow when you see the Blitz team in action.

  6. j p hobbs

    Sonoo i believe you missed my point i have lived and worked in Harrow for 40 years and now i cant wait to move out to Buckinghamshire before the backlash comes , i woulnt want to bring up kids in Harrow , you aint seen nothing yet , ell me i amwrong in ten years time ,

  7. sonoo malkani

    Very sorry to hear that you are keen on leaving Harrow j p hobbs and fervently hope your predictions will be proven quite wrong.I hope to stay,God willing,and help,in some little way,to improve the situation.we find ourselves in.Have lived here since 1972 and have fond memories of this place.So,can’t just abandon the ship and run!

  8. j p hobbs

    Yeah and look what happened to those on the Titanc.

  9. Susan Hall

    Thank you ‘Concerned Harovian’, The Neighbourhood Champion Scheme is indeed recruiting, and Harrow Dude we would be delighted for you to join. We are arranging different specific training for the Champions that they can go on if they so desire. The Champions are a great group of people and I am extremely proud of the Scheme. I am hopeful that we will get to our target of 2068 by the end of 2014. To all our Champions a massive thank you for all you did for Harrow in 2013 and a thank you in advance for all that I hope you will do in 2014!

  10. j p hobbs

    Well a lady friend of mine was walking down Twickenham gardens a few weeks ago and there was a bus driver in uniform standing peeing in the middle of the road before getting into his car ,this was mid day many of them park there for the day they often throw there rubbish out before they drive off including KFC wrappers and drinks cans , i did report this at the bus garage about the guy peeing what more can one do

  11. Concerned Harrovian

    Harrow Dude
    Like you, I would contact the Council about issues in the road whether or not I had a shiny badge or cape. The value of the Champion scheme is that you are part of a large group of volunteers that are invited to the Champions conferences.
    At the conferences you have the opportunity to discuss face to face with the Council Officers any problems that have arisen on your street and also voice your opinions. It is good to put a name to a face. Also you hear what kind of problems other streets have and how they have solved them. It is valuable to learn from other residents. I am sure that someone like you who is articulate and altruistic would be of benefit to the community and could pass on problem solving tips.
    Champions have also helped when police have asked if they have seen stolen vehicles in their street.
    Champions are also given training in what issues the Council departments deal with in the Borough.

    JP I would suggest you report the peeing incident to the customer service departemnt of the bus company involved. I do not think the local garage have the authority to reprimand the drivers and also put the complaint in a letter to make sure you get a response. I agree with you this type of behaviour is not acceptable. Also perhaps you could ask your local councillors to take this up if theis behaviour happens frequently.

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