Mar 21 2014

Bob Blackman MP Welcomes £23 million for New School Places in Harrow

bob_blackmanBob has hailed action taken by the Government to raise standards of education and provide school spaces for children in Harrow East with a range of measures designed to boost funding available to our local schools.

Between 2011 and 2015 schools in Harrow will receive nearly £23.6 million of extra funding to provide new school places. Six schools are being rebuilt under the Priority School Building Programme and nearly 1,900 extra primary school places are being created using money made available from the Targeted Basic Need Fund. To take one example of newly available funding pools helping locally, Park High School received nearly £210,500 from the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund.

Bob commented, “The last Labour government did nothing to prepare for the ever expanding number of school places we would need and so a lot of funding has been needed to ensure a good education is available to everyone. The Government is spending billions on helping every child to reach their full potential and is given the skills they need to get on in life and secure their future. We have more than doubled funding for new school places and we already have four Academies and the Avanti House free school in Harrow East, giving parents a choice of high quality school places locally.”

As well as receiving funding for new school places, the Government has also allocated £11.5 million for repairs to existing school buildings, between 2011 and 2015. The Pupil Premium will also see schools in Harrow East receive nearly £11.1 million to help close attainment gaps between the most disadvantaged pupils and their peers over the same time period.

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