Jan 31 2013

Bob Blackman MP welcomes extra funding for Harrow

bob_blackmanHarrow council is to receive £2.7 million from central government as part of the New Homes Bonus.

The New Homes Bonus is a grant paid by central government to local councils for increasing the number of homes and their use.

The New Homes Bonus is paid each year for 6 years. It’s based on the amount of extra Council Tax revenue raised for new build homes, conversions and long-term empty homes brought back into use. There is also an extra payment for providing affordable homes.

MP for Harrow East, Bob Blackman said: “This is good news for the residents of Harrow and proves that the system set in place by this Government is working. The grant will provide Harrow Council with the resources to make improvement to local infrastructure. The figures show that the grant has risen each year and that £140,000 of the grant includes an affordable homes bonus. The incentive is clearly encouraging house building, and encouraging the provision of affordable homes – both of which Harrow needs.”

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  1. John Clement

    We don’t want to live in a ghetto. It would be far better to maintain our quality of life by keeping the population rises down. Try getting on a 140 bus or getting a dr’s appointment. The quality of life in Harrow has plummetted in the last 10 years due to overcrowding.

  2. Mouthalmighty

    I am afraid we are already living in a ghetto. This additonal grant will only encourage Harrow Council to welcome even more dross to this Borough so that the demographics are so twisted that only low life benefit scroungers dominate the landscape of Harrow, and the Labour vote will be safe.

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