Dec 10 2013

Bob Blackman MP Welcomes George Osborne to Harrow

bob_blackmanBob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, joined with Hannah David, the Conservative Candidate for Harrow West, to welcome the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon George Osborne, to Harrow to see the work of local shops and discuss the challenges to businesses with local traders.

The Chancellor paid a visit to shops on Stanmore Broadway, including Balloon ‘n Party, before joining members of the local traders association at Buckingham’s for a discussion on issues affecting their businesses and on the policy measures announced by Mr Osborne in the Autumn Statement last week, including a business rate discount of up to £1,000 for retail premises, including shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants, which will benefit 5000 business properties in Harrow.

George Osborne, said: “I was very pleased to visit the vibrant small businesses in Stanmore today and to speak to local traders. I was impressed by the drive and initiative of these hardworking people. The Government is doing everything it can to help small businesses like those I met in Stanmore– and this week in the Autumn Statement I introduced Help for the High Street: a £1000 discount on business rates for retail premises. This comes on top of our action to reverse Labour’s job tax when we came to office, and the £2000 employment allowance that will go to every business in the country and comes into effect this April. We are right behind small businesses, and backing them all the way”

Bob Blackman, said: “It is very encouraging that George Osborne has made Harrow his first stop following his budget announcements last week. Measures such as the cap on a business rates increase, the extension of the Small Business Rates Relief Scheme and the £1,000 discount on business rates bills will give our local businesses the help and support they need to grow and create jobs. The Conservative Party are backing local business all the way and Harrow businesses are being heard at the highest level.”

Hannah David, added: “It was excellent to hear the Chancellor explain to us all why the conservatives are really the only Party for small businesses. Everyone really appreciated the time Mr Osbourne took to answer questions and concerns.”

The Autumn Statement also contained an announcement that Employers’ National Insurance Contributions will be wiped out altogether for young people under the age of 21, which means the cost of employing an under-21 year old on £12,000 a year will fall by over £500, or for someone on £16,000 by over £1,000, helping small businesses to help young people into work.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Most encouraging to hear that George Osborne toured Stanmore in this manner ,with Bob Blackman and Hannah David in tow and has spent time answering questions from concerned local traders who,naturally,feel pleased to get the £1000 help but are looking for further measures which will enhance their business opportunities even more.Small businesses have felt the heat for far too long and badly need support not just from the Chancellor of the Exchequer but from all of us.

    Members of public must wake up and realise that unless we make optimum use of these local shops the “big boys” will grab the lion’s share of the cake and leave precious little for this group who provide an incredibly valuable personal service in each of our neighbourhoods.Britain was once known as a “Nation of shop-keepers”.Let us all play our part in helping them survive and thrive by shopping locally,as often as we can.

    Let’s hope we see even more highly placed politicians with the power to effect beneficial changes in Harrow come down and hear our concerns ,with a view to providing advice,support and schemes which help in their growth.

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